You view it. You visit it. You read it. You love it. You live it.

And maybe – just maybe – it could help your business in ways you never imagined.

Ranked by as the No. 1 Internet destination for “conservatives,” WND is the leading independent news source on the Internet – and, founded way back in 1997, one of the most well-established. Also, it is the first choice among all websites for American Christians.

Known for provocative and entertaining headlines and professional journalism prepared by an experienced, talented and growing full-time staff, WND consistently ranks among the largest 500 websites of any kind in the U.S. – and among the top 10 news providers.

WND’s exclusive content and on-target commentary draws millions of readers, making it a must-buy for discerning online advertisers. With between 20-30 million page views each month, WND attracts more traffic than seven of the 10 top newspapers sites – including the L.A. Times, WSJ Online and the New York Post! Our readers are well-educated, engaged in the issues that affect society and eager to patronize companies that support their favorite news source. WND gets results.

Our readers are extraordinarily loyal and take their time on the WND site, making it one of the “stickiest” on the Web. In fact, WND is habit-forming! Readers visit the site repeatedly for breaking news and the latest developments on current stories, which means constant reinforcement of your advertising message.

How does that sound as a well-targeted unique audience of between 6 million and 8 million for your business?

Perhaps your business is local. WND now offers geo-targeted advertising for most major markets. Perhaps your advertising budget is small. WND has pricing to fit practically any marketing budget with high-impact text ads, banners and emails. Perhaps you prefer print advertising. WND’s Whistleblower magazine might be the best choice for you. Perhaps you prefer television campaigns. WND is also rapidly developing original video content available for sponsorship at costs well below even cable TV.

Perhaps you prefer radio. WND not only sounds like a radio station, it is transforming itself into a full-blown multimedia Internet destination with original programming as well as serving as the exclusive Internet streaming source for top-rated national radio shows like Roger Hedgecock and G. Gordon Liddy.

No more excuses!

It’s time to explore the many opportunities for business expansion with a partner you trust and which shares your values.

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