A program that has been criticized by many groups for its waste of taxpayer dollars apparently is being shuttered.

The Center for Immigration Studies explained Wednesday that a government contract with a company called Accenture to recruit and hire Border Patrol agents is no more.

Preston Huennekens of CIS noted he warned in December of “the perils of outsourcing work to beltway consultants.”

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) gifted Accenture a $297 million contract to improve their hiring practices and recruit 7,500 Border Patrol agents,” he wrote. “At the time of that writing, Accenture successfully hired two agents. As I pointed out in the post, the DHS inspector general found that they wasted tremendous amounts of money doing so.”

Now, Law360 is reporting CBP officials say they are dropping the agreement “after a review period that began in December.”

WND reported last year on questions about the program raised by government watchdog Judicial Watch.

The organization called the deal a “fleecing of American taxpayers.”

“No joke,” said Judicial Watch after the government made paid some $43 million for a contractor who managed to enlist 15 hirees.

The proposal was for the company to get paid nearly $300 million over multiple years and recruit 7,500 new agents to “fortify the famously porous border,” Judicial Watch said.

The CIS report said the reimbursement rate was unusual. Accenture was supposed to get $40,000 for each new hire, who would get a salary of about $52,000, meaning the government would pay twice for one new agent.

Huennekens wrote: “The original contract allowed CBP to renew its relationship with Accenture annually for up to four years. I suggested that CBP decline the remaining four years and demand compensation from Accenture for services left uncompleted.

“An article from Law360 (behind a paywall) notes that CBP did just that. The article reports that CBP officials announced that they were cancelling the deal with Accenture after a review period that began in December.”

He continued: “This is welcome news. Accenture was clearly incapable of completing the work CBP contracted it to do. The surge in apprehensions at our southwest border shows that the hiring of Border Patrol agents is even more urgent.”

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