The growing line of presidential hopefuls on the Democrat side of the ticket seems to have no end. There are the young ones and the old ones, the names we have known for years and those we’ve never heard of; and of course, this being 2019, men, women and gays.

How’s a poor voter to choose?

In reality, that’s not such a strange question to ask. Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, the mantra of the opposition and the media has been, if “HE” could get elected, then “anyone” has good chance to defeat him.

Katie, bar the door!

Now that long list is filled with new names from out of nowhere along with some familiar old timers. One familiar name that has risen to the top of the media over the last couple of weeks is that of Joe Biden.

Remember him? Joe Biden was elected to the Senate from Delaware at the age of 29 in 1972 – a position he maintained until 2009, when he ran as vice president to Barack Obama. They served two terms.

He’s well-liked and personable … but there was just one thing about Joe Biden. Joe liked to show affection – to women – unasked – and in public.

In the early years of his public life, his pats, hugs and other
semi-affectionate actions got attention, but no one really complained – least of all, the women who were the targets of his actions.

I recall years ago when I was working in television news, one of the networks did a feature on Joe showing him hugging, nuzzling, touching females – grown women of all ages and at times, even children.

It was presented as “Gee – look at good old Joe. Isn’t he a kick?!”

I experienced something similar in our newsroom. One of the cameramen was like Biden. He loved to touch … me. Shoulder, arms, pats on the head, even hugs.

I didn’t say anything because he was an old-timer and the touches weren’t sexual; but they must have been bothering me because one afternoon, in the main newsroom when he started in, without thinking I just turned to him and at the top of my lungs shouted “STOP TOUCHING ME!”

It worked!

Everyone in the newsroom stopped cold and just stared at him and me. He stopped his touching and never did it again. Not one person mentioned to me what happened. Life in news just went on, but without the touches.

With Joe Biden, his touching was something “everybody knew” but no one thought anything untoward about it. Or, if they did, no one said anything or complained. After all, he was a Democrat, and he was a long-timer in office and those were toes you don’t step on.

But “Good Morning, Joe Biden!” It’s a new day and a new year and you are out of office and possibly about to seek election again.

All of a sudden, women have come out of the woodwork with their versions of an unwanted “Biden Snuggle.” These instances took place at campaign locations, at meetings, at various programs – most of them in public. Apparently at those times, not one of those women complained. They speak of him touching their hair, kissing the back of their heads, smelling their hair, hugging them and other instances of “affection” which – IF he knew those women – would have been a wanted activity.

Clearly, it was not; and now, a number of those women are complaining. In fact, it’s gotten so much publicity that his wife admitted when they first met, his “touching” unnerved her at times!

Times have changed and treating women that way is not acceptable, even from a long-time politician.

Whether Joe really will run for president in this current election cycle, he has felt the need to publically apologize – attempting to cover his tracks, as it were. He spoke of his hundreds of handshakes, hugs and various expressions of affection over the years, saying he “was sorry that he didn’t understand more.”

“I’m not sorry for any of my intentions. I’m not sorry for anything that I have ever done. I’ve never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman.”

OK Joe, we got the message. You are you, and when you do your “Biden thing” when and where you want, the target of your attention just has to take it.

Really? How about this?

The next woman Biden touches should just do what I did. It works. She just needs shout at the top of her lungs: “STOP TOUCHING ME!”

I guarantee it works.

Public embarrassment is very effective, even for an old fogey like Joe Biden.

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