[Editor’s note: The following column contains graphic descriptions which may be unsettling to some readers.]

Anyone following the ongoing controversy about late-term abortions should be aware of the grisly descriptions of the procedure. While the media do their best to keep that kind of information or photographs of those abortions away from the public, the internet has broken through that wall of secrecy.

When you hear or see a medical doctor who does those abortions describe with clinical coolness how the about-to-be-born infant is dismembered in the womb, taken out piece by piece, and how the doctor must keep count of all the parts to be certain nothing is left inside the mother – you will never forget it.

There are descriptions of using care to preserve certain organs, how to cut the spinal cord or crush the child’s head.

Descriptions like these are our version of the atrocities that took place by the Nazis before and during World War II, or the horrific human experiments done by the Japanese at Unit 731 at the same time, including dissecting living people.

Even those events of some 80 years ago are rarely talked about – and it’s not easy to find photographs of what actually occurred. Apparently the powers-that-be consider us too delicate to be exposed to the truth.

When the Nazi camps were liberated as the war ended, General Eisenhower demanded that before things were cleared out, our troops – as well as the residents of the towns where the camps were located – were required to walk through and SEE for themselves the truth of what horrors had been taking place. Photographs were taken as further proof.

Eisenhower knew there would come a day when the horror of the atrocities would be denied unless there was tangible proof of what had taken place.

He was right; there are Holocaust Deniers among us today. I know there were camps. I grew up in an area of New Jersey where there were many refugees from the war and the camps, and I had neighbors who had their camp numbers tattooed on their arms. I saw them. I can’t forget them.

Many of those people didn’t like to talk about what they went through, but sometimes they did. I remember one man who described to my father how the Nazis would go into a town, gather up the infants from mothers, toss the babies in the air and catch them on their bayonets. For the Nazis, it was a game; for the parents, it was tragedy.

There are no pictures, and people don’t talk about it as much as they should; but ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.

It’s the same with abortion. It has been going on as long as humans have walked the earth, but it has never been the systematic killing of babies that it has become in our so-called “civilized” world. Estimates are that since Roe v Wade in 1973, 60 million American children have been killed by abortion.

The number is astonishing, but you will rarely see it printed in the media and you will never see a picture of a dead baby, the result of an abortion. Not only do they not want the reality of abortion to be readily available to the public, but they fear if people knew what really is happening, there would be a movement to put an end to it.

For example, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new abortion bill, which makes it easier than ever to kill an unborn child – but also makes it legal to kill an infant that survives an abortion.

Yes, it does happen. It’s called a “botched abortion.”

When Cuomo signed the bill, members of the New York State Legislature CHEERED and APPLAUDED. He defended it despite the fact he is a Catholic; and for Catholics, abortion is a mortal sin.

I noted that nowhere in the media coverage was the information that more black and brown babies are killed in New York than white.

Gee, do you think that might affect the black vote for Democrats?

And abortion is an issue of partisan politics.

On Feb. 25, the Senate voted against (53-44) the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. It would have punished a doctor who didn’t protect a baby that survived an abortion. All but three Democrats voted against the measure, the argument being it was an attack on abortion rights.

The author of the bill, Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, calls the bill an “infanticide ban” that protects newborns.

He spoke later on the Senate floor and didn’t mince any words: “I want to ask each and every one of my colleagues whether or not we’re okay with infanticide.”

It should be noted that three Democrats joined the GOP in supporting the bill: Senators Robert Casey (Pennsylvania), Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Doug Jones (Alabama).

I wonder if it would help to show pictures of these babies? We’ve heard from some nurses who are instructed to put the aborted newborns who are alive in a side room where they are left to die. Some describe hearing the child crying until it is dead. Others describe holding the baby until it is dead – because, after all, the doctor says that’s what must be done.

Maybe we need to SEE things like this.

Think about it: animal rights organizations use the goriest, most heart-rending pictures of beaten and tortured animals on the outside of their voluminous mailings for donations. These pictures are enough to turn your stomach, but they do it and no one complains.

Yet, if any organization even uses a picture of an ultra-sound of an unborn child (never mind a picture of a dead, aborted baby) in the news or on the outside of a mailing, all you-know-what takes place.

The double standard is disgusting – and so is the acceptance of the deliberate killing of an infant who survives a late-term abortion.

Should that child be treated humanely and be cared for?


Should any medical person who contributes to the deliberate death of that child be charged with murder?


If we were allowed to see the pictures, that congressional vote might just change.

I believe Americans are basically a moral people, if they have the facts.

Let’s do it!

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