Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile

A pro-Hillary Clinton Democratic activist who admits her own “lack of civility” in the past “has been on full display” has taken a job with Fox News.

Donna Brazile, who was accused of passing along CNN questions for a 2016 Democratic primary presidential debate to Clinton, wrote at that she is excited to tell the Fox News audience what she thinks.

Brazile said that as the 2020 presidential election approaches, she is concerned that “our national debate has become hostile and disrespectful.”

“We no longer simply agree to disagree. Too often we demonize the intentions of others.”


Now Brazile wants things to be different.

“In order for us to best decide as a people how to better protect and preserve our way of life, we need to first be able to hear what others are saying without the filter of bias and contempt. Not until we once again become practiced at treating those of differing views with civility and respect can we begin to join together to solve the myriad of problems our country must overcome,” she claimed.

“I fully admit that in my previous lives as a campaign staffer, presidential campaign manager and Democrat Party official, my own lack of civility in the heat of battle has been on full display. And it wasn’t pretty.”

She admitted she probably won’t agree with other Fox News commentators, but she promised to listen.

“In more than three decades in American politics, I have made my share of mistakes,” she said. “Some would argue I’ve made more than my fair share. But I have never wavered on the values and principles that shaped my commitment to public service.”

During the 2016 election, she was the Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman and lost her contributor contract with CNN for leaking questions from a CNN town hall to the Clinton campaign.

In an interview with Politico at the time, Brazile insisted she “allegedly” forwarded the questions.

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