Kasie Hunt of NBC News (Twitter profile)

Kasie Hunt of NBC News (Twitter profile)

An anchor and Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News believes it’s “not possible” for President Donald Trump to get re-elected in 2020 due to his popularity, or reported lack thereof, among women voters.

Kasie Hunt, the host of “Kasie DC” on MSNBC, made the claim Wednesday on “Morning Joe,” hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

The broadcast team was analyzing a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll that indicated 38 percent of women approve of Trump overall, while 61 percent disapprove of the commander in chief.

“The president can’t get re-elected with those numbers among women. It’s just not possible,” Hunt said.

“I mean they make up more than 50 percent of the electorate. We saw what happened in 2018,” she added.

“Women energized to run against him and, you know, women who got out to vote and they voted against him pretty overwhelmingly. And I think that says a lot. And I don’t think you heard a lot of legitimate strategy there from [Trump 2020 senior adviser] Lara Trump in terms of how to kind of shift the winds here.”

The poll, conducted in the final week of February, also shows 54 percent of men approving of Trump, with 42 percent disapproving.

Hunt said she’s “not convinced” the president has the ability to coax women voters back into his camp by Election Day next year.

“I also – I’m just not convinced that – and Mika, I’m interested to know what you think about this. Do you really think that Donald Trump can change how women feel about him?” Hunt wondered aloud.

“I mean, there is the economy X factor, right? If it continues to do well, I mean I think that is going to solidify his numbers kind of across the board, but I feel like most women I talk to certainly in both parties and voters out on the trail, they have a pretty strong opinion of him. And I don’t really see a lot of room for shifting on it.”

Brzezinski, who is not a fan of Trump, replied:

“A lot of my friends who are Republicans have left the party because of Trump, who are women. I’ve watched it in real time. It’s unbelievable.”

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