A new Muslim congresswoman who has been accused of lying to voters and once called President Trump a “motherf—–,” paid herself $45,500 in campaign funds, including $17,500 that apparently came after the payments were supposed to have stopped.

The Washington Free Beacon reported its investigation showed Rep. Rashida Tlabi, D-Mich., disclosed in Federal Election Commission filings that she paid herself from campaign funds a total of $28,000 from May 7 until last year’s Nov. 6 election.

The rules allow payments “through the date of the general election,” the report said.

But, the report said, “following the general election, Tlaib cut herself a $2,000 check on Nov. 16 and disbursed $15,500 to herself on Dec. 1, which was well above the average of what she was paying herself during the campaign.”

A government ethics attorney told the Free Beacon: “On its face, it looks like the $2,000 payment on November 16 might be for the candidate’s salary for the first two weeks of November. But given that the election occurred on November 6 – i.e., part-way through the first November pay period – I am surprised that this last payment wasn’t prorated. In other words, Tlaib stopped being a candidate halfway through this period, but it appears that she kept collecting her full salary as if she was still a candidate throughout the full first two weeks of November.”

The lawyer continued: “The $15,500 payment is interesting. It’s not 100 percent clear what she’s doing, but what she may have done is to low ball her earlier payments for political purposes (at $2k), knowing full well that she would make up any difference at the end by giving herself a lump sum payment.”

He said an “after-the-fact, lump sum payment” raises questions.

The Free Beacon reported Tlaib’s campaign didn’t respond to questions.

The report also revealed Tlaib received $68,307 income from a “Leadership in Government Fellowship” in 2017. And George Soros’ Open Society Foundation listed an expenditure of $85,307 for Tlaib.

A Soros spokesman said her assignment was to focus on increasing civic participation of “disenfranchised urban communities of color.”

“Tlaib ultimately collected $225,180 from Soros’s organization throughout 2016 and 2017, according to the group’s tax forms,” the Free Beacon reported.

WND columnist Jesse Lee Petereson called Tlaib a danger to the nation.

“Newly elected Democrats are more radical than their predecessors. Lowlife Democrats like Rashida Tlaib and [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez, [D-N.Y..,] have no respect for the rule of law. They abhor the constitution and the Judeo-Christian values that shaped this great nation. If we continue electing socialists, Muslims and pro-open border politicians who refuse to enforce our laws and protect our sovereignty – we will lose more American lives and eventually lose our country,” he wrote.

He explained Tlaib is “a Palestinian-American who ran unopposed and became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress alongside Ilhan Omar, D-MN.”

They are part of a “new breed” that is “hell-bent on trying to destroy this president,” he said. “They want bigger government, higher taxes, open borders, and they embrace radical Islamists and want to weaken the U.S. military. Their socialist agenda is evil, and it’s antithetical to everything that makes America the greatest and freest nation on this side of Heaven. We cannot allow them to succeed!”

Last month it was revealed that Tlaib was registered to vote with a false address and represented a state House district in which she did not reside.

Tlaib’s father told the Detroit News in 2010 that his daughter “lied” about her residency to run for office. She signed an election affidavit in 2008 with the Wayne County Clerk claiming she was a citizen of Detroit.

The Big League Politics blog concluded Tlaib represented the 12th district in the Michigan House of Representatives even though she was not a resident of the district.

Recently, an investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation found Tlaib is a member of the Facebook group “Palestinian American Congress,” whose members often demonize Jews.

The group’s founder, Palestinian activist Maher Abdel-qader, was a key fundraiser for Tlaib and organized campaign events for her around the country, the Daily Caller said.

One year ago, Abdel-qader posted online an anti-Semitic video that claimed Jews aren’t actually Jewish, invented their historical claim to Israel and secretly control the media.

The video described Jews as “satanic” and questioned whether 6 million Jews actually died in the Holocaust.

Tlaib demanded to be sworn into office on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, perhaps not realizing that Jefferson apparently owned the book to investigate his enemies. The Founding Father was about to launch a war against the Muslim “Barbary Pirates” who had been attacking American ships on the African coast.

She also was accused of deceiving voters by claiming to be moderate on Israel, when in fact she supports sanctions.

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