A Muslim writer is criticizing several Islamic organizations for allowing the torture of Muslim women.

Bassam Tawil, a Muslim Arab based in the Middle East, wrote at the Gatestone Institute website of the dozens of Muslim women who have been imprisoned in Syria.

“The plight of the Palestinian women in Syria is an issue that does not seem bother Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,” he said. “These leaders are too busy fighting and inciting violence against each other, against Israel and the U.S. They have completely forgotten about the suffering of their people in an Arab country such as Syria.”

He explained that the women mostly were arrested by Syrian authorities after the beginning of the civil war in 2011.

“The Syrian security authorities are continuing to hold dozens of Palestinian refugee women since the beginning of the war in Syria,” said a recent international report.

It said researchers were able to document the cases of 107 Palestinian women who are still being held in prison; 44 from the Damascus area, 12 from the city of Homs, four from the city of Daraa and 41 from different parts of Syria.

But while they’ve been “subjected to rape and various forms of torture in Syrian prisons,” Palestinian leaders “seem to only care about holding on to their bank accounts and their jobs,” he said.

“Not a single Fatah or Hamas official – or the United Nations or Western so-called human-rights groups – has spoken out against the plight of Palestinian women in Syria. Why should they, when all they do most of their time is throw mud at each other while at the same time continuing to incite their people against Israel and the U.S.?” he said.

The writer’s complaints were raised in light of the recent International Womens’ Day.

“Among the female detainees are university students, activists and mothers, some of whom, report added, were incarcerated with their children,” he explained.

The “testimonies of some women who were released from prison confirm that they had been subjected to various forms of torture at the hands of Syrian security officers,” the report said. “It is worth noting that Palestinian women in Syria have been subjected to arrest, kidnapping, death and disability as a result of the conflict in Syria that erupted in March 2011.”

So far, he wrote, 34 Palestinian women have died in Syrian prisons “as a result of torture.”

The civil war also has killed 484 Palestinian women, including 240 from shelling, the report said.

“One former detainee who identified herself as Rana said that while she was in prison, the Syrian security officers burned alive a woman and her daughter who were being held in a nearby cell. She recalled that two other women from the city of Aleppo were raped by prison guards. She said that she herself was held in a small cell together with 15 other women who were subjected to various forms of torture,” he wrote.

Tawil wrote, “The plight of the Palestinian women in Syria is an issue that does not seem bother Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

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