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Producers invite Trump to screen anti-Planned Parenthood film

The makers of the upcoming feature film exposing Planned Parenthood, “Unplanned,” are inviting President Trump to hold a screening in the White House.

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, the writers and producers, thank Trump for his pro-life policies in an introduction to a trailer for their film and on a web page.

“Thank you, Mr. President, for making America great again,” says Solomon.

“And together let’s make it safe for the unborn,” Konzelman adds.

“Unplanned,” which tells the story of Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned-pro-life-activist Abby Johnson, was filmed largely in secret because of its opposition to the abortion-industry giant.

The makers of the movie also produced “God’s Not Dead” and “I Can Only Imagine,” which earned nearly $150 million combined.

On a web page, Konzelman and Solomon list Trump’s pro-life accomplishments.

“Thank you,” they write, for:

The filmmakers, in their attempt to license songs for “Unplanned,” were turned down nine of 10 times.

Blake Kanicka, music supervisor for the film, told the Hollywood Reporter there was “a pattern of denial with our quote requests.”

“Our team has never seen such a uniform denial across the board regardless of price, genre, usage or type,” he said.

Disney claimed it did not “take sides in social issues.” Others, including Sony and Universal, were less specific about their refusals.

“After weeks and in some cases months of communicating with these companies, it has been very discouraging and disheartening to realize the amount of discrimination that exists towards the pro-life message,” said Kanicka, a Grammy nominated composer whose music has been featured on several TV shows.

“Unplanned” has Michael Lindell of “My Pillow” fame driving a bulldozer over a Planned Parenthood establishment.

Lindell invested some $1 million in the film.