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A woman walks into a big New York bank and explains to the teller that she wants to take out a loan for $10,000 so she can go to Europe for a week.

The teller says, “We’ll need collateral for a loan of that size and that purpose.”

The woman hands her the keys to a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom and says, “I’m sure this will be more than suitable.”

The teller immediately calls the supervisor, who calls his boss, who has some one check out whether the car was stolen. They discover the woman bought the car from a reputable dealer earlier that day.

The bank accepts the car as collateral, parking it in the bank’s garage and securing the keys in the vault. The woman takes her money and goes to Europe.

She comes back a week later and says she’d like to pay back the loan and get her car back. So, she writes a check for the $10,000 plus $100 for the interest.

The teller says, “We ran a background check on you when you applied for the loan and you’re very wealthy already. Why did you take out a loan for a trip to Europe and put up your Rolls Royce as collateral?”

Looking up from her checkbook the woman says, “Where else in New York can I pay $100 to park my Rolls Royce for a week and expect it to be there when I get back?”

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