Gifts under Christmas tree

A “grinchy” Nebraska elementary school principal has resigned after banning red and green decorations at Christmas, candy canes and even Christmas music.

WND reported the ban by Jennifer Sinclair of Manchester Elementary School in the Elkhorn Public Schools District was reversed after a warning from Liberty Counsel.

She had declared there would be no “Christmas colors,” carols, reindeer or books with Christmas themes at her school.

Sinclair told faculty and staff, “We are not to be doing any Christmas or holiday-specific themed activities with students.”

She had added, “I come from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools.”

Liberty Counsel said the Elkhorn Public School Board voted unanimously Monday night to accept Sinclair’s resignation.

The legal group said it was not asking for the principal’s removal when it contacted the board, which had found that the memo “did not comply with board policy.”

Her list of “acceptable” items included “gifts to students”; “Snowmen, snow women, snow people” and “snowflakes”; “Gingerbread people”; “Holidays Around the World”; “Sledding”; “Hot chocolate”; “Polar Bears”; “Penguins”; “Scarves, boots, earmuffs, and hats”; “Yetis”; and “Olaf,” the snowman from the movie “Frozen.”

Shortly after the controversy erupted, Sinclair was placed on leave.

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to Supt. Bary Habrock asking for Sinclair’s ban to be overturned.

The letter asserted her actions were unconstitutional, showing “hostility toward Christianity.”

The organization told the district, “The First Amendment simply does not require elimination of all Christmas symbols – religious and secular – in a misguided attempt to be ‘inclusive’ by eliminating all traditional elements of a federally- and state-recognized holiday.

“The effort to comprehensively eliminate Christmas symbols is Orwellian.”

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