Supporters of “transgender rights” are threatening the life of a professor in England whose offense is to believe that sex is determined at birth.

BBC News reported Professor Rossa Freedman of the University of Reading fears for her safety after she discussed a government program to help people who want to change their gender.

She’s faced online abuse, telephone threats in the middle of the night and her office door was “covered in urine.”

“The human rights lawyer had raised concerns on how the changes might affect women’s rights,” the BBC said.

She expressed opposition to self-identification, the concept that people can choose their gender.

Freedman also has attended debates on the nation’s Gender Recognition Act, which supports “gender identity.”

She’s been called a “Nazi” and been told she “should be raped.”

She’s now pushing back.

“I’m pretty public and open about the fact I’ve survived sexual violence – I have been throughout these debates,” she said.

“So obviously being told I’m a Nazi and being told I’m transphobic when I’m not transphobic and nothing I’ve said or done is transphobic … having been told I should get raped. None of them are particularly pleasant,” she said.

An official for the university where she’s employed has confirmed that Freedman has worked throughout her career on the rights of women.

The Christian Institute said that “when making her way to an event organized by A Woman’s Place – a campaign group which meets to discuss proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act – she was forced to hide in bushes to avoid activists who were following her.”

“Freedman said it was scary to have a group of students, many of them male, following her.”

She even said she was explicitly urged to leave the university “because of my views that a woman is defined by law as biological not psychological.”

The London Daily Mail reported an anonymous caller found the mobile phone number for the 35-year-old and was “harassing” her with calls.

The threats have included rape and murder.

She has reported the incidents to police.

“It’s concerning, that being said there’s a student society on campus who are strongly opposed to everything I say – but they’ve come out quite strongly today that they condemn this type of behavior,” she said in the report.

Reading University officials said they are investigating.

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