Letitia James, the attorney general elect of New York, has made it known that she is not interested in doing her job. She is interested in pretending to serve the people of New York as the chief law enforcement person. In reality she is pandering to her Democratic handlers, hoping that at the end of the day that she will receive a biscuit and a pat on the head.

Rather than focusing on prosecuting crime, making the streets safer for New Yorkers, working to combat wealthy child sexual predators and working with law enforcement and local community residents to make the neighborhoods safe again – she has vowed to go after President Trump and his family.

There is no evidence President Trump or anyone in his family has committed any crime(s). But obviously, that doesn’t matter to her. Reasonable-minded people will ask, why she is going after President Trump, when Hillary Clinton, leader of the Clinton criminal cartel, is based and headquartered in New York?

I would argue it is because she’s like all black liberals who have sold their souls to the progressive Democratic ideology. They cling to animosity and show that they are sans a moral center. They gain positions of trust and then do the bidding of their progressive white handlers; and notwithstanding, they still find themselves relegated to the back room. They are told when to speak and when to go lie down in the corner.

This woman is a tragic display of moral opprobriousness that cannot be overstated. Whether or not you like Donald Trump as president, what he did for the economic and philanthropic climate of New York before becoming commander in chief is without superiors.

Just because the media, along with vanquished politicos and agenda-driven hate groups, make pernicious per curiam renderings, which are then parroted back and forth as gospel, is not evidence of truth; it is evidence of the commitment by these Erebusic provocateurs to destroy a person they despise.

Anyone who knows how the game of politics is played is also very much aware of the dark world of back-room deals and promises. Ergo, such a person could be forgiven, in the unlikely chance he were proven wrong, for believing that Jones has apparently struck an accord with the devil’s disciples, promising that her first act as attorney general would be to smear President Trump and his family.

Knowing that as a black person, James will seize upon the first chance to quote Dr. Martin Luther King in an attempt to indemnify herself against criticism for her jaundiced prejudice, I pre-emptively remind her of what Dr. King said regarding those like her.

In 1961, while speaking in a church in St. Louis, Dr. King said: “We have to do something about our moral standards. We know there are many things wrong with the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do ourselves.”

James was elected to serve the people of New York by prosecuting crimes; she was not elected to use her authority and badge as permission to commit crimes. Investigating President Trump for the stated purpose of finding some crime where the specter of one has never existed is not only an abuse of power – it is a breach of a constitutional right against unlawful prosecution (read persecution) and a waste of manpower and money. Money, I might add, that New York can hardly afford to waste given the abysmal financial climate Democratic leadership has left the state in.

James has the opportunity to honor the law and fight criminal wrongdoing, which, if she were in fact interested in doing, she would have announced that she was going to investigate the $84 million the Clintons are alleged to have laundered through their foundation, as a first step in bringing Hillary and company to justice for their phony charitable organization.

But then, if James promised to do what was right, she would never have been elected in a state with a political machine as corrupt as New York’s. But then, she isn’t after justice; she is after embarrassing Trump and his family because this criminal cabal are fully aware that if there were even a scintilla of a chance of there being something illegal to charge the president with, he never would have received the nomination much less have won the White House.

However, there would be no such problems finding evidence of criminal wrongdoing and prosecuting Hillary and her crime-family network.

At the end of the day, when James like all others has wasted taxpayer money to find not even a hint of criminal scandal against President Trump, she may not even get a biscuit and a pat on the head.

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