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How to get a husband – circa 1958

Times change, but people don’t. Women still seek romantic relationships. Men feel the same, for the most part. The toxic estrogen of the modern world can be off-putting (pink hats, anyone?). There’s no getting around hormones, not yet. But how men and women go about finding each other – to date, marry or whatever – changes like skirt lengths. Thank goodness.

McCall's 1958

McCall’s magazine circa 1958 advocates some interesting tricks to the trade of Man Landing (that’s catching and keeping the male of the species). And the meet-up – a trap: Baited, switched (change your man, but only after marriage!) and most likely denied. Who would admit to stumbling on purpose just to get a man’s attention? How about crying softly in the corner at a party? Would you wear a Band-Aid as a conversation starter?

If readers back in 1958 actually did any of this is up for debate. Fluff columns are nothing new (I’m writing a Diversions column, not the meatier stuff).

But folks aren’t blowing off McCall’s outdated call-out to the lovelorn. MSN says, “The post, which had been shared 13,750 times at the time of writing, caused widespread controversy on Facebook, quickly racking up more than 4,600 likes and thousands of comments from shocked and amused users.”

McCall's 1958-2

Okay, some people are amused. I know I am. Who wouldn’t be? Even the so-called outrage is humorous. Times change and, with it, the way the sexes approach one another does, too. I can’t imagine how someone from the 50s would react to today’s “dating” apps.

But check out some of the McCall’s gems in the video below:

And now it’s confession time. How did you meet your man? Or better still, how did you get landed?

Did you fall for that weeper, hiccoughing softly in the corner at the party where you went to – hmmm – meet girls? Did you know your gal pulled the spark plugs on her car just so you – openly brushing up on your grease-monkey skills – could fix it? Or did you ask out the most popular girl in the hopes that she’d introduce you to her shyer friend because you were too shy to ask her name?

HuffPo has a handy-dandy list of 101 places to meet men. Single men. Maybe it’s just the marriage aspect that has Facebook followers getting outraged.

Times change, folks. People don’t.


Going, going … sold! For 530 cows!

Forget stewing about stupid fluff columns from 1958.

Facebook – that hate-free bastion with the sole purpose of connecting you with your buddies – has one-upped McCall’s, sexist or not. Forget finding a man. How about selling a woman?

“In South Sudan,” according to Voice of America News, “an online auction was being held for marriage rights to a 16-year-old girl.” Other reports say the girl is 17, but that’s still not okay.

But is it hateful? Who’s to say?

Not Facebook. That hate-free bastion doesn’t have Word One to say against the sale.

Bidders did their bidding. And the seller – the girl’s father – is gonna sell. And hey, as one commentator noted, considering the girl’s height, whoever wins the auction is guaranteed to have children who’ll get drafted in the NBA.

Now wouldn’t that be a story.

One can only wonder how the supposedly civilized world of 1958 would view this online sale. Culturally appropriate? Something to consider here in America? After all, you can’t go hating on other countries’ cultures, because that’s not politically correct.

Newsbusters reports, “The Alliance for Women Lawyers attempted to have the Facebook post taken down and urged government officials to investigate the situation. While dowry is a traditional token of appreciation in the South Sudanese culture, the practice has grown to the point where ‘forced and early marriages’ have been common among families.”

But with government officials and business tycoons being the main bidders, who will investigate? Who will keep this “token” of appreciation from becoming a buyout of young women who cannot advocate for themselves?

Marriage rights to Nyalong Ngog – lauded by her village as the most expensive lady – were formally granted in a traditional marriage ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 3. “Kok Alat a tycoon (a South Sudan businessman) paid 530 cows, 3 (V8) Land Cruisers and $10,000 to Peter Mayol Deng,” the Facebook posts reports, “the father of the girl.”

Going, going, gone.

SunnySkyz cartoon-2

How I met your mother! No gimmicks

Is it still possible to meet a member of the opposite sex without the game playing or an open sale on social media?

Visit SunnySkyz to read a beautiful story. There’s no stumbling, bumbling, or cow exchanges involved.

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