October is “Domestic Violence Awareness” month – theoretically a month devoted to spotlighting the issue in hopes of ending it. The Senate hearings to approve Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court catapulted this issue, based on unsubstantiated accusations by Christine Ford of sexual misconduct against him, into a matter of national debate.

Three approaches on the domestic violence issue are taken by activists. The first is a serious effort to address the issue, identifying causes of a disease in need of a cure, and to hold offenders accountable. The second is to politicize it, weaponizing accusations simply for the purpose of attacking an accused’s character or for some other less than altruistic motive. The third is to ignore it or endeavor to minimize it by giving the appearance of seeking accountability while not really doing so. This last approach is particularly appalling, when corroborating evidence exists and the offender believes domestic violence is an entitlement.

Recently, we have seen poster boys for all three approaches. Sadly, Kavanaugh became poster boy for the second approach, as no corroborating evidence was ever presented to support serious allegations made against him. Meanwhile, corroborating evidence was presented supporting poster boy nominations for the first and third approaches – Hollywood’s “career maker and breaker” Harvey Weinstein and Democratic National Party Vice Chairman and candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, respectively.

Democrats must be given credit for effectively wielding their political sword to weaponize issues and generate investigations benefitting their cause. They used this sword to weaponize sexual misconduct claims against Kavanaugh to initiate an investigation. After having created claims of Trump/Russia collusion based on a dossier they commissioned and funded, Democrats used it earlier to initiate a self-serving investigation that continues lingering on today.

Corroborating evidence against Weinstein in the form of recordings support claims against him; corroborating evidence against Ellison, accused by his former girlfriend, Karen Monohan, exists in her medical records. Despite Monohan being white and Ellison black, no one suggested race was an issue.

In Kavanaugh’s case, numerous investigations by both independent and left-leaning sources, including the FBI, the media and a porn star’s favorite lawyer, Michael Avenatti, have turned up accusations, but no evidence. Meanwhile, an investigation into Ellison’s alleged misconduct can only be described as incestuous based on the investigator’s liberal links and for ignoring the victim’s medical reports naming Ellison. (The investigation was conducted by Minneapolis attorney Susan Ellingstad, hired by the state’s Democrat-Farmer-Labor {DFL} Party, who is the law partner of DFL attorney Charlie Nauen.)

The fact that three of the loudest anti-Kavanaugh critics are 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate wannabes – Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris and Avenatti – explains their weaponizing approach against Kavanaugh while ignoring a “cure the disease” approach against Ellison. Destroying the character of a conservative role model will earn them the financial support of liberal voters; doing it to one of their own party members obviously will not.

The media has failed to spotlight an interesting issue about Ellison of particular importance during Domestic Violence Awareness Month: it is how Monohan’s abuse accusations may actually win the attorney general candidate votes among a certain segment of the population in his state.

Ellison, elected as a Minnesota representative in 2007, was the first Muslim to serve in the House, even choosing to be sworn into office with a Quran. Minnesota is home to the largest Somali-Muslim population in the U.S. – many of whom openly express their preference for living under sharia law. (Interestingly, the Quran Ellison used for his swearing in was one purchased by Thomas Jefferson; however, while reading it taught Jefferson about the threats Islam posed to non-Muslim nations, Ellison embraces Islam and those threats.)

An unexpected voice undermining the claims made by Ford and other women against Kavanaugh was heard during the hearings. It was that of an Islamic spiritual leader in the U.S., Imam Zaid Shakir, who offered how a nation ruled by sharia would resolve the dilemma.

In a 1,300 word public Facebook posting, Shakir wrote Ford’s accusations “cannot be used as evidence against Judge Kavanaugh” as Ford failed to have four corroborating witnesses of the attempted rape come forward. He added, failing to do so, Ford should be lashed eighty times and her testimony never again accepted. The chances are any Facebook post entry criticizing Shakir for such a barbaric religious practice would be removed by the server for being Islamophobic and hateful.

What Shakir offered is significant for four reasons.

First, most U.S. Muslims prefer sharia to our own laws and will actively pursue that preference, not only for themselves but for non-Muslims as well.

Second, sharia completely nullifies equality for women who, legally subjected to it, would suffer wanton abuse, sexual or otherwise, by Muslim males.

Third, as a Muslim, Ellison adheres to the sharia mindset, undoubtedly providing him in his mind with the justification to engage in domestic violence.

Fourth, as the ultimate obligation of every Muslim is to seek Islam’s global rule and Ellison, as a Muslim, is so obligated, his loyalty is not to country but to Islam.

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters outrageously alleged old white men of the Republican Party failed to “believe survivors” of rape. These protesters should listen to Nadi Murad – a Yazidi rights activist and real survivor of sexual slavery, recently awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. She speaks out about her brutal experiences at the hands of ISIS, which employs sexual violence as a weapon of war and an entitlement they are due under the Quran.

Whether it is the Muslim extremist (such as ISIS) or not (such as Keith Ellison), the source of the Muslim male’s entitlement to abuse women has the same origin: It’s the religion, stupid!

It is a sad day when anti-Kavanaugh activists – who were so willing to weaponize uncorroborated domestic violence claims against an honorable man like Kavanaugh (who denied their allegations) – prove unwilling to criticize a pro-domestic violence ideology of a religion that, as admitted by one of its own clerics, justifies and encourages violence against all women.

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