Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

In a word – uh – no

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but one has to wonder if it’s just an act when Hollywood elites venture into politics. Folks like Jim Carrey, of “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective,” “Liar-Liar” and “Dumb and Dumber” fame, are paid to read lines, not for preaching the truth from the goodness of their hearts or root-causing geopolitical fallout. Actors are a face, a brand, a box office draw. Comedians, in particular, are lauded for trolling laughs by going off the deep end.

And yet sometimes the abyss is exactly that, a wading pool with no bottom. It may appear welcoming. The laughs are ever-present. Bathers squeal about how great the water is … but there’s a dark underside that isn’t funny. Just check out the seriousness of the following video where Hollywood insists its time Americans embrace Socialism:

Funny, but I doubt any of these actors would be happy if the roles that put them on top were given to someone off the streets with no acting ability. Successful actors have paid agents who fight for an increase in wages, benefits and personal perks with every film. Managers who negotiate better deals wherein the actor reaps manifold benefits. Is this rigorous me-first advocacy done so they can put food on the table? Clothe their starving children? Hardly.

This hype of do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do is a pharisaical twist of those who enjoy their places; that is rich, exceedingly well fed, and having a platform to spew half-baked idealism that smacks more of a Hollywood film.

Who do these actors think pays for their increased salary, private trailers and diva-demands of on scene personal trainers or caterers? Movie-goers. That’s us. How much does it cost to see a movie where you live? Are they free? Of course not! That would be silly. Actors don’t negotiate for lower wages or donate their movies to public film libraries because acting is hard work. Actors must be paid what they’re worth. But other people – the little people? – don’t be absurd.

Listen to Hollywood and those paid talking heads to know what you must embrace. Socialism – that is “democratic” socialism – is a public school, a local library. The doe-eyed Susan Sarandon would have it so. Cue the sappy music and double up on whatever hormones will make you weep.

Do not consider this “new and improved” socialism sounds a lot like “not-pregnant” pregnancy. It may start out not showing, but let things follow their natural course and you’ll discover a baby is no watermelon. (Sorry, didn’t mean to say the b-word.) And Hollywood isn’t about natural courses anyway. It’s a manufactured bubble of wouldn’t-it-be-nice while sitting in a cushy chair of influence and wealth. Why doesn’t Hollywood make a movie about that?

Carrey’s latest cinematic project on Showtime, “Kidding,” just aired on Sept. 9. Could this be why he’s is toying with the promotion of socialism as some panacea of love-thy-brother? Is he kidding?

Maybe so, but the little people in the cheap seats are choosing to put down their popcorn and speak up. Venezuelan journalist Laureano Marquea, writing for the Venezuelan outlet Runrunes, had this to say, according to Fox News:

Dear Jim, I admire you a lot, but sometimes it seems that the inability of Hollywood stars to understand politics is directly proportional to their talent,” Marquez began his column. “[In] Venezuela, what we find is just that our regime is not – for God’s sake – the antithesis of selfishness. In Venezuela, dear Jim, from what I have just told you, there is no equitable distribution of wealth; wealth is concentrated, as rarely before in our history, in very few hands.

Kind of like wealth is concentrated in Hollywood. Roles are given to a limited few despite the eager masses who want a chance. Sounds like Venezuela. Considering talent in movie-land revolves around pretending to be what you’re not, in situations that allow for multiple retakes to get the perfect shot – not to mention #metoo pressure to give power what it wants – perhaps actors should zip it. Life isn’t a movie.

No kidding.

Couple charged with running a cocaine drive-thru

Couple charged with running a cocaine drive-thru

Modern conveniences – in every industry!

What will they think of next?

According to UPI, “Police in the Long Island town of Coram, N.Y. are looking for the people responsible for putting up vending machines that appear to be crack pipes.”

The creative criminals up-cycled feminine-hygiene machines popular in women’s bathrooms and filled them with all the necessary essentials to craft crack pipes. The “pens” were advertised for only $2.00 a pop. Whether that’s a bargain is up for debate, but sellers sure are going for convenience. Neighborhood residents were obviously displeased, reporting the dispensers for removal and investigation.

“Who in their right mind would even do something like that — to enable and to encourage somebody to do this?” Tony Gallo, a Coram resident, told WPIX-TV.

Nobody in their right mind would do as much, Mr. Gallo, and certainly not anyone with a compassionate heart. But the crack-pipe sellers aren’t the only ones intent on making their customers happy by providing ease of service no matter the fallout. Check out the details in the following clip:

An enterprising couple in Ocala, Florida was charged last month with running a cocaine drive-thru out of their trailer home. A restyled kitchen window was used as the drive-by delivery system that would allow customers to remain in the comfort of their own vehicle. Hold the burger and fries. Heroine laced with fentanyl was top of the menu, a deadly combination.

A rash of overdoses alerted police that something was up in the area. They were right. Fox News reports:

Parrish, 32, was charged with driving under the influence, keeping a dwelling used to sell drugs, possession of drugs with intent to sell and resisting arrest without violence, according to Marion County Sheriff’s Office inmate records.

Dobbs, 20, has been charged with keeping a dwelling used to sell drugs, possession of drugs with intent to sell, possession of fentanyl and possession of fentanyl with intent to sell, court records show.

Parish’s father insists the police are lying about related overdoses, convinced his son is “trying to straighten himself out.”



An unlikely friendship

On the brighter side – an unlikely friendship creates an internet buzz.

Human beings are confusing creatures, but can be truly kind. Lucky for one bumblebee – a queen in her own right – that it encountered Scotswoman Fiona Presly in the garden last year. The wingless creature, the victim of a blight virus that effects wing development, would have been doomed, not being able to zip from flower to flower in search of nectar. Presly, however, took pity on the creature.

She set it first on a flower, not knowing quite what to do, but sought the expertise of the, “Bumblebee Conservation Trust for help,” according to the Dodo.

Check out this video clip from Crazy Pumpkin revealing the particulars of this unlikely friendship:

A storm was due on the day of the rescue so, “I took her inside that night, kept her warm and fed her more,” Presly said. “I thought I would put her out the next day, but the weather was bad then too. So I kept her inside.” Meanwhile, an unlikely but undeniable bond was formed.

Pet bumblebee perched on Fiona Presly's nose

Pet bumblebee perched on Fiona Presly’s nose

Presley subsequently built Bee, duly named, her own private flower garden complete with netting to keep winged-counterparts out so there would be no competition for life-sustaining nectar.

Now, wouldn’t it be grand if instead of drive-thru drug suppliers and crack-pipe dispensers, neighborhoods were decorated with gardens to provide for the less fortunate? Wouldn’t it be great if folks were left to act in true charity wherein acts of kindness spring from the heart instead of a political mandate that has nothing to do with sharing the wealth but shaming to gain control?

Someone pretty famous once said, “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.”

But since He didn’t hale from Hollywood, it seems many don’t want to listen.

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