Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine (

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine (

“Harassment,” or “extreme tactics” by leftists against moderate GOP senators like Susan Collins are “well-justified,” according to one Democrat senator.

It was Chris Coons of Delaware who was interviewed by Chuck Todd, and he was asked about those efforts by activists who have been inundating senate offices with coat hangers, emblematic of a Supreme Court that could restrict abortion, thus leading women to seek back-alley abortions.

The level of rancor reached flood levels during the Senate hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, with Democrat senators belligerently and repeatedly interrupting regular order of the questions and answers.

They were demanding adjournment for the hearing – within seconds of its opening – and badgered the nominee that their own statements that had little to do with his answers – or qualifications.

Democrats are unable to stop the nomination if GOP members vote as a bloc, and that’s why there have been attacks on moderates like Collins by leftists who want to direct her vote against Kavanaugh.

It was Twitchy that explained, “That moment when you see an elected official excuse the horrible, gross, and threatening behavior his GOP colleagues are being targeted with because they will likely vote to confirm Kavanaugh.


“Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware was on with Chuck Tood, and when he was asked about the harassment senators like Susan Collins and her staff have received he excused it because, in his little mind, he seems to think the people doing the harassing are actually the victims.

“Or something.”

The comments:

Explained Coons, “There is a huge amount of passion as I think the whole country saw dozens of people were arrested in the course of the hearings. All of our offices have gotten hundreds if not thousands of calls, many on a daily basis, and I think that’s well-justified because of the level of fear, concern, anxiety both about the unpredictable behavior of our president and the ways in which our Supreme Court may very well shift to a conservative majority for years or decades to come.”

The Constitution provides that the president shall appoint Supreme Court justices, and, as Barack Obama pointed out earlier, elections have consequences. President Trump simply is choosing highly respected and well-qualified candidates for openings on the high court.

The fact the left in America disagrees with Kavanaugh’s strict application of the Constitution and the law to cases has them doing things like making threats to fund a future Collins’ opponent if she does not vote the way they demand, a move which has called into question federal bribery laws.

“OMG NO NOT THAT!” wrote Twitchy. “A SCOTUS judge who will adhere to the Constitution?!”

“BTW, harassment is never justified, Chris. That’s why it’s called HARASSMENT.”

Social media comments endorsed Twitchy’s opinion.

“I’m disgusted with the left justifying this ridiculous behavior,” wrote Kalah Love.

Teddy Ballgame added, “The Democrats will never apologize, not even for the most outrageous behavior. They want power by any means necessary.”

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