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Black pastor: Trump more pro-black than Obama

Then-Sen. Barack Obama poses with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill. The photo, taken by Askia Muhammad, was kept hidden from the public until 2018 upon the request of the Congressional Black Caucus

President Trump wants to do something of significance for the nation’s urban black communities and will end up being more “pro-black” than his predecessor, Barack Obama, says a black pastor.

Pastor Darrell Scott of Cleveland co-founded Trump’s National Diversity Coalition and recently attended a White House meeting with several dozen inner-city faith leaders.

Their subject of discussion was prison reform and other outreaches that would benefit urban blacks.

Scott’s message to them?

“This is probably going to be … the most pro-black president I’ve seen in my lifetime. This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn’t feel like he had to.”

Scott’s comments during the meeting:

“I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with then-candidate and now-President Trump and to observe him behind the scenes and have personal conversations with him, and people ask me why do I defend him so vociferously, and I say it’s easy for me to do it because I know him,” Scott said.

“And he shown me his heart, and I know he has a heart for all Americans, and I’ll say this: This administration has taken a lot of people by surprise and it’s going to surprise you guys even more.”

Scott said the Trump administration is “probably the most proactive administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime.”

“I’ll be 60 years old in December, but when I think back on. … I use good hair dye and I’ve got a great makeup artist. … To be honest this is … and I’m going to say this at this table … this is the most pro-black president that we’ve had in our lifetimes.”

He said Trump has the desire to address the issues of the black urban community.

Obama didn’t, he said.

“The last president didn’t feel like he had to. He got a pass,” he said.

At the meeting, the president pointed out that African-American and Hispanic unemployment rates are at their lowest levels ever and his prison reform effort focuses on making sure former inmates can find work.

The full meeting is on YouTube.