Human evolution? Not so fast!

Human evolution? Not so fast!

Scientific vs. scriptural spin

Is definitive scientific theory actually definitive? Not really. Contrary to the dogma of modern theory (aka: best guess), evolutionists are currently backpedalling, scrambling and/or generally doing a classic hair-pull nutter at the latest scientific discovery that explodes the assumption that mankind is a billion years old.

Say what? Human beings didn’t develop randomly out of primordial ooze? Rising spectacularly against the odds to create order from chaos like nothing else? Well, no. Much like science has blown the myth that a developing child is merely a blob of cells – something our troglodytic ancestors shockingly accepted – a current study published in the journal Human Evolution is shaking the foundations of evolutionist presumptions.

PhysOrg reports results indicate that “… nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.”

That’s right. Human beings didn’t evolve out of primordial soup a billion years ago but happened upon the scene a mere 200,000 years ago. Whammo. Just there. Not slowly morphing.

“In the past,” according to PJMedia, “researchers studied DNA in the nucleus of cells, which differs markedly from one species to another. But the new study analyzed a gene sequence found in mitochondrial DNA. (Mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells, produce about 90 percent of a cell’s chemical energy.) Although mitochondrial DNA is similar across all humans and animals, it also contains tiny bits that are different enough to distinguish between species. This difference allows researchers to estimate the approximate age of a species.”

And it’s the age that’s telling. So either the majority of life began nearly 200,000 years ago, or it re-emerged after a population bust. Cataclysmic event? Creation? Whatever the explanation, 200,000 years is not a long enough period of time to account for the random mutation evolutionists have speculated upon to gird their attempt to play God, substituting science for scripture.

Lead scientist David Thaler admits, “This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could.” Why? Well, because the findings clearly indicate evolutionist theory is just that: a best guess, perhaps a biased one put forth by those who do not want to admit the logic behind the theory of intelligent design.

But now there’s a new spin developing. And it’s even more grasping and desperate than evolution. Check. It. Out!

Did you catch that? Human beings are now the science experiment of space alien gold miners from Nibaru? And they call the Bible myth. Good grief. The spin will never stop.

Jay Stephens, newly minted conservative

Jay Stephens, newly minted conservative

To everything, turn, turn, turn

Where there’s life, there’s hope the saying goes. But can a liberal really evolve into a conservative? Is that process of metamorphosis going on today and – what’s more – is it a freak happenstance without any discernible cause or a natural progression?

For the most part, no. Liberals do not naturally transform into conservatives. The current education model imposes a requisite infusion of leftism, sexual perversion and general distraction from actual job/life skills. Higher education focuses on creating embittered, hangers-on who presuppose that the government – whatever that is, because there’s no learning the truth behind the curtain – should support whatever it is students decide they want to do. Like wasting a mountain of borrowed money on useless majors like Environmental Science, Intercultural and International Studies, and Ethnic and Civilization Studies.

In the case of Jay Stephens – former liberal – transformation did occur (an obvious mutation). And the cause is clear: Liberalism itself fomented the climb out of that dank arena of sophistic speculation and problem-causing instead of problem-solving. Getting a job in the real world where taxes are taken out of one’s paycheck as well as mandatory student loan repayments woke this gal from the brainwash that lives loudly within the university system. (Special thanks to Diane Feinstein for coining the condemnatory and colorful description of deeply held beliefs.)

“After my four-year stint at university, I (Stephens) was transformed from a plucky, young, free-thinking free spirit into a cranky, old, get-off-my-lawn conservative,” Stephens told Not a bad thing, just misrepresented on purpose in order to perpetuate #hertruth or whatever slant is popular to keep individuals from the truth … and using their God-given intellect and will.

Check out the details as Stephens explains the glorious transformation in the following video:

Currently, the cheerful realistic version of Jay knows she can spend her money much better than politically correct stoners who now fill the halls of those government agencies set on stripping her of her hard-earned money.

Welcome, Jay Stephens. Nice lawn. Nice chair. Keep passing on what you’ve learned and maybe others can get to the business of striving for something worth holding onto.

Punk rocker Mel

Punk rocker Mel

On the lighter side …

On the lighter side, check out the amazing transformation of punk rocker Mel, whose family and friends state the obvious. She’s gone too far:

Not a bad change, eh. And FYI: Snog means kiss. So here’s a young woman who previously sent people packing facing a new perception of herself.

Sometimes the images we project are the exact reason we don’t get the reactions we hope for – or need deep down.

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