Do the DMIC, the Democrat Media Industrial Complex, and Democratic voters know even the basics of how the three branches of our federal government work? When it comes to our republic, our Constitution, our Supreme Court – do they know how any of this works? How is it that so many “smart” people sound and behave so stupidly?

Where shall I begin?


How about MSNBC’s Katy Tur? She recently suggested that Americans’ “progressive” shifts in opinions continue to render as anachronistic constitutional originalism, in which the legal approach is to interpret the Constitution based on its text and the intent of the framers.

“(T)he arc of history has shown that opinions have become more progressive,” Tur said. “Look at the polling.”

The polls, the polls! Was Tur referring to the same polls that guaranteed Hillary Clinton would landslide to a 57-state Electoral College victory two years ago?

Tur’s journalistic activism, designed to promote judicial activism, is another in a long line of DMIC instances that underscore the utter disregard for the original purpose of our Constitution. The founders were the original liberals (hence why I rarely call Democrats and so-called progressives “liberals”), and constructed a foundational legal contract that would protect the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority. For example, if 99.99 percent of Americans wanted to abolish the Second Amendment without a constitutional amendment, the .01 percent would be protected.

Does Tur realize that she sounds just like the monarchs against whom our American revolutionaries won independence? Doubtful, since the Democrats’ stupidity levels are at historic highs.

Tur claimed that Brett Kavanaugh, our soon-to-be newly confirmed Supreme Court justice, has argued against “any” gun control – to which I thought, machine guns for everybody! No, I didn’t think that, but I did think that Tur’s stupidity got the better of her; I found nothing in Kavanaugh’s prior opinions as a United States Court of Appeals judge that he believes everyone and anyone should have unfettered, un-vetted access to any kind of gun.

Like any contract, the U.S. Constitution is subject to some interpretation. But the “unalienable rights” cited in the Constitution’s big brother, the Declaration of Independence, don’t leave a helluva lot of room for interpretation.

Radical to Tur, but rad to me.

The Merrick Garland collective mind lost

No, the GOP didn’t “steal” Obama’s Supreme Court seat.

When United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement last month, the usual Democratic suspects took to that bastion of erudite intellect known as social media to invoke what I’m calling “The McConnell Rule,” which was a variation of “The Biden Rule.” These so-called rules were designed to prevent the filling of a Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year.

This is the genesis of the lie, birthed in 2016, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans “stole” a Supreme Court seat from President Obama. In February of that year, the late, venerable Justice Antonin Scalia died. A month later, Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a United States Court of Appeals federal judge. Obama said he intended to fulfill his constitutional duty to appoint a justice; immediately thereafter, McConnell led a Senate GOP refusal even to hold confirmation hearings. Unprecedented, yes; but was it “unconstitutional,” which is what Democrats always label that with which they disagree?

It was not unconstitutional, because nowhere in the Constitution is there a single syllable that the Senate is legally obligated to hold hearings.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi promised to avenge Garland, so I guess her stupidity has caused her to believe that she’ll have a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Democrats who wear hats shaped like labia were apoplectic when the GOP tinkered with tradition and pushed the nuclear option button, which lowered the required number of “aye” votes to confirm a nominee from 60 to a simple majority, paving the way for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to replace Scalia.

Record high levels of stupidity, however, have scientifically been proven to cause memory loss. In 2013, Senate Democrats, led by Nevada’s Harry Reid, launched their own nuclear option. They didn’t touch the Supreme Court 60-vote threshold, but did enact a simple majority rule for Cabinet and federal judicial appointments, both of which had traditionally been 60 votes.

Why is it that elections only have consequences, as President Obama correctly told Republicans in 2009, when Democrats win, but when they lose, justice nominees must be a “consensus” pick?

Causes célèbres of ending pregnancies and ‘defeating’ Kavanaugh

At the risk of belying my headline, I don’t think the Democratic politicians are stupid, but they know their voting bases are. The smarter Democratic politicians know the more they revise and rewrite history, and the more they prattle on about how the Constitution is a living and breathing document, with infinite malleability to conform to today’s standards, the more adoration they’ll receive.

Here was a statement from Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders: “We must mobilize the American people to defeat Trump’s right-wing, reactionary nominee.”

Um, no, Bernie. The American people don’t vote on Supreme Court nominees; they vote for elected officials who may or may not confirm a justice nominee.

Serial interrupter Kamala Harris, Democratic senator from California, already decided that Kavanaugh is a “nay” because he doesn’t share her zeal for abortion as a constitutional right, even though Roe v. Wade will never be overturned, since “overturning,” in Democratspeak, just means it will go back to the state legislatures, which is where abortion belonged in the first place.

As Scalia had once remarked, judges who construe the Constitution to mean what they want it to mean, rather than what the text states, act as legislators from the bench – the very embodiment of judicial tyranny. So many Democrats around us believe everything is a “right.” If everything, though, is a “right,” then there are no rights, because my rights will always trump your rights.

If Democrats want rights not enumerated in the Constitution, go get them democratically by passing laws. It’s creepy to me that ending pregnancies of tiny beings with beating hearts is where Democratic politicians and their voters get all small-government on us.

There are useful idiots on all ideological sides, including the pro-Trump side. The Democratic voters, for the most part, however, have monopolized the political stupidity market. To use a finance term, it’s a bull market; even with it at an all-time high, the Democrats have nowhere to go but higher.

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