Wow, is this possible, what I just heard?

That some major millionaire liberal leaders of politics and media are offering to make serious personal sacrifices as examples to the rest of America?

The media are making sure we all know about the seemingly impossible impasse in Congress, as Democrats and Republicans wrestle with the decades-long problem of immigration.

Most Americans still cherish the idea of Lady of Liberty standing in the harbor and saying, in the famous words of Emma Lazarus, “Send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” We always celebrate the millions among us whose forebears came to these shores with little or nothing, truly seeking out liberties and opportunities, who came through the immigration process and became solid, productive citizens, often achieving tremendous success.

In fact, historically, we might be described as “an immigrant nation.” Our earliest colonists came from elsewhere, at great difficulty and through rigorous, dangerous travel.

And yet, right now, we have many thousands of the “tired, poor, huddled masses” at our southern border, yearning for the American Dream, many with little children – and the whole nation is in conflict over how to accommodate them. The Republican-controlled Congress is presenting at least two comprehensive plans to 1) preserve our border security from drug trafficking, alien smuggling, criminal gang encroachment and pure and simple illegal entry, and 2) to devise a fair and orderly process by which individuals and their kids can still gain access to life in America.

As we know, the whole dilemma is terribly exacerbated right now by the “huddled mass” of several thousand at the border, with kids (some with their own parents, some not), and Congress haplessly and completely divided along party lines. Apparently, the Dems and Repubs just cannot agree on a workable solution.

BUT WAIT! I just heard – and haven’t had time to confirm this exciting rumor – Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and very vocal advocate for humanitarian solutions Anderson Cooper of CNN have just decided to set the examples themselves, personally, on how to solve the dilemma!

They are turning their own homes, their lovely estates, into smaller “sanctuary cities”! They’re letting any and all undocumented immigrants, with or without kids, “come one, come all,” move into their houses, their guesthouses, their garages and basements – as many as can jam their way in, and will provide their needs personally, out of their own pockets!

I even heard ,just now, that Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper of CNN have announced their willingness to do the same, even offering transportation to public schools for the kids and using their own health insurance to provide medical care for the new immigrants! Ditto Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, a most strenuous critic of President Trump and his efforts.

What a truly magnanimous, humanitarian, self-sacrificing example these liberal representatives are offering the American people. That’s what we’ve all been looking for, not just preachments about what other Americans should do, regardless of the mounting billions of taxpayer costs and the rising perils of criminal infiltration of all 50 states through hopelessly porous borders, but personal sacrifices by the critics themselves, real sacrifices to help real people with their own real funds and spaces.

Isn’t that just incredible? Who would have anticipated such a thing? Politicians and pundits not just telling other citizens what they collectively should do, at no expense to themselves whatsoever, but stepping up individually, opening their own homes and bank accounts, and competing to see who could house and make comfortable the largest number of immigrants.

I sure hope it’s true. Waiting for CNN to report it.

Meanwhile, I’m reminded of the response the notorious bank robber Willie Sutton made when asked why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.”

Well, sure, that’s obvious. But what if the bankers would follow the example, up till now, of our liberal politicians and just say to potential robbers, “Hey, put your guns away. You don’t need to rob us. Just step up to our windows, say what you want, and our tellers will give it to you. It’s not our money anyway; it was put in our hands by our depositors, and they’ll never know the difference. As long as they keep putting money in our banks, we’ll let you have whatever you want, doesn’t cost us anything. Those robberies are just too noisy and dangerous!”

Well, we know that isn’t going to happen. I never heard of a banker willing to give a potential robber what he wanted. That’s what so amazes me about this Pelosi, Schumer, Cooper rumor – that these liberal icons, who have always been so willing to give billions of taxpayer money to illegal aliens, at no cost to themselves personally, might actually step up and invite some “huddled masses” into their own homes!

What a great and positive example of true humanitarian concern.

Sure hope it’s true.

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