Behind the Smoke Screen (video screenshot)

Behind the Smoke Screen (video screenshot)

WASHINGTON – Hamas’ ongoing effort to penetrate Israel’s border with massive marches, demonstrations and rallies are not “peaceful protests” as the western media have portrayed, but insidious efforts to disguise a radical and violent invasion that casts the Jewish state as the aggressor, a new short film by filmmaker Pierre Rehov.

The short documentary, filmed inside the Gaza Strip, shows Hamas activists wearing “press jackets,” casts doubt on whether some rioters were actually wounded by Israeli gunfire, captures anti-Semitic video of demonstrators, reveals how tire burning is an effort to provide a “smokescreen” for infiltration of the border fence and contrasts Hamas’ public claims of non-violent civil disobedience with the reality of organized violent attacks on Israeli border guards.

Rehov, a French-Algerian Jew, has established a daring body of work as a Jewish filmmaker who goes behind the lines, conducting interviews with Muslim-Arab Palestinians and officials that blow the cover of terrorists who try to maintain the façade that they are inspired by the legacy of Martin Luther King and other advocates of non-violence when they are actually pledged to the goal of destroying the Jewish state.

In the latest action at the Gaza-Israeli border, approximately 10,000 Palestinians protested along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip for the sixth consecutive Friday, with dozens attempting to breach the fence and others sending incendiary kites into Israel designed to burn down forests.

See IDF video of faked injuries:

While no Palestinians were reported killed by IDF fire Friday, Gaza’s Health Ministry reported more than 1,000 Palestinians were wounded on Friday, three critically. Of them, 229 were evacuated to hospitals, while others were treated by medics in the field.

Since the “Great March of Return” began, some 7,000 Gazans have been injured and 45 killed, according to the Palestinian News agency Wafa. Twenty-four people were reported to have had limbs amputated due to injuries sustained by Israeli fire.

According to the IDF, riots broke out at five locations along the fence, with protesters burning tires, throwing stones and flying kites with flammable material attached, with the aim of starting fires in Israel.

See IDF video of vandalizing humanitarian goods:

Prior to the demonstrations, the IDF Arabic spokesperson warned Gazans against using the incendiary kites.

“The arson phenomenon is not hidden from our eyes and we are taking it very seriously,” Maj. Avichai Adraee posted on Twitter. “Attack kites are not a kids’ game and we don’t see it that way. Hamas is using you [Gazans] and is pushing you toward the cycle of terrorism.”

The heads of security for Israeli communities along the border of the Gaza Strip warned residents not to touch any kites that land in Israel, saying they could be booby-trapped.

The IDF has accused Hamas of using the protests as cover to carry out attacks against IDF troops.

Hundreds of Palestinians also set fire to the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel, damaging fuel and gas pipes that serve Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

“This is a cynical act that damages the well-being of the people of Gaza and the humanitarian efforts carried out by Israel and other countries,” the IDF said.

The IDF also reported that several attempts were made by protesters to infiltrate Israel. Several Palestinians on Saturday placed Molotov cocktails on the security fence before returning to Gaza, the IDF said.

The unrest began March 30.

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