There is a coming storm.

President Trump’s neck is on the chopping block, and so is the continued peaceful existence of America. Democrats, Republicans, fence sitters, they bring nothing to America’s table but pain. Call it the swamp, inside the beltway, oligarchy … it is the enemy of we the people. If Norman Rockwell were to paint a picture reflective of what America has become, it would be a dark picture. A Dorian Gray like portrait of America. The soul of America is rotting.

If President Trump is brought down, it will spark a revolt. The millions of people who have had it with government will turn their frustrations to other means of protest. Most will get up, go to work and see their taxes squandered. Then there are those who will turn to the gun. This is the real fear of the swamp people: The people will have a means to protest with a gun. Abolition of the Second Amendment will not insulate the high and mighty from blowback. Those outside our borders who want America gone will gladly go the Fast & Furious route in reverse. They will give us the means of self destruction. DHS knows this and has contingencies in placed to preserve America’s “wetland,” the swamp.

Life has taught me violence is not an answer; it is a point people go to when they have no options. It is a storm that cannot be avoided. America is too far down the road of corruption.

I believe President Trump is doing more good than harm. He is an imperfect man. His ability to get elected demonstrates how desperate Americans are.

The media are the “establishment’s Praetorian Guard” – do not doubt this for a moment. They are the Weathermen (Chicago 1968) of the 21st century.

Edmond Day

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