Judge Kimba Wood in 1994

Judge Kimba Wood in 1994

The judge who’s hearing the Michael Cohen case in New York undoubtedly will be in the middle of arguments over payments for sex, confidentiality, what records may be the president’s private papers, a stripper who is demanding to be released from a nondisclosure agreement over sex, and much more.

But somehow, it’s Judge Kimba Wood who’s grabbing the headlines herself.

Take Tuesday’s list that included, “Cohen case to be heard by Judge Kimba Wood – aka the ‘Love judge,'” “Kimba Wood: 5 Fast Facts You Need to know,” “Judge in Michael Cohen’s case officiated George Soros’ wedding” and more.

Wood is the candidate who was picked by Bill Clinton to be attorney general, but her nomination collapsed when it was revealed she apparently had hired an illegal alien as a nanny.

Sebastian Gorka, who served for much of 2017 as a deputy assistant to President Trump, and now is a Fox News contributor, commented on social media about the twists and turns, and influences, already apparent in the case against Cohen, who served as Trump’s longtime personal attorney.

The FBI raided his office, hotel room, and home, confiscating piles of paper and electronic records, apparently infringing on the attorney-client privilege that is widely recognized by taking information about his representation of his clients.

Gorka wrote, “Judge Kimba Wood is presiding over trial of @realDonaldTrump’s lawyer. She was picked by Bill Clinton to be attorney general. Now she has power over the lawyer who works for the man who beat Bill’s wife in the 2016 election.


Comments that followed included, “Conflict of interest,” “Absolutely conflict of interest” and “She was appointed by Reagan.”

Wood, in fact, has a history that’s more than colorful, including that she is friendly enough with the far-left activist and billionaire George Sorors, who is opposing the president in every venue available, to have performed his wedding.

The report from the Washington Times confirmed the judge, who hasn’t even decided whether to have a neutral party review the documents taken by the FBI or not, officiated the 2013 wedding of Soros, then 83, to Tamiko Bolton, then 42.

In her first hearing on the case, from which she has not recused, she refused Cohen’s request that those private documents be evaluated by him before investigators are allowed to look at them.

But her personal escapades, which date back decades, don’t stop there.

According to a New York Daily News article from 20 years ago, she “has earned many fine titles: star student, loving mother, brilliant jurist and even for a few short days in 1966 Playboy bunny-in-training.”

That article came out at the time she became known as the “other woman” when the private diary of millionaire Frank Richardson 3rd became “a very public exhibit in his ongoing divorce battle with socialite Nancy Richardson.”

The article quotes from Richardson’s diary, in which he wrote, of Wood, “When I first took her head and kissed her lips . . . . How she stiffened and gave slowly, but inexorably…”

The article cited her birthplace in Port Townsend, Washington, and explained how she traveled as a child with a career Army officer father.

“It was in London that she also tried her hand at being a Playboy bunny a lark she left behind after just five days,” the article explained.

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A lifelong Democrat, she was supported by a Republican member of the Senate in a scenario that never was fully explained.

But the Daily News commented that she was for a time married to Time political columnist Michael Kramer.

Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, a New York Republican, suggested her for a federal judgeship, and praised her “extraordinary background” during the process.

The News pointed out that Wood “had no criminal experience” at the time of her nomination, and “as a life-long Democrat, she could hardly be said to share D’Amato’s views.

“One theory is that Wood’s nomination was a way for D’Amato to thank Kramer, who, as a reporter for New York magazine, wrote a scathing article … about D’Amato’s two Democratic opponents for Senate, Mark Green and John Dyson,” the report said.

Her previous most famous case involved junk bond king Michael Milken, whom she sentenced to 10 years in prson, although she later reduced that to two years.

At Heavy.com was a commentary pointing out that Hillary Clinton was “involved in the process when Bill Clinton wanted Wood to be his attorney general.”

The Washington Post had reported at the time, “The First Lady interviewed Wood for 90 minutes, twice as much time as the president spent with his prospective chief legal officer.”

That report noted Wood was “unfamiliar with criminal law and lacked any courtroom lawyer experience.”

Of the judge and her stint as bunny-in-training, the New York Times had reported earlier Clinton officials “feared that that might become the source of jokes.”


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