Trump is the commander in chief. The federal government is supposed to deal with federal and foreign issues.

The border is a federal issue. Why not build a wall of military troops?

There are a lot of unemployed young men. Send them to boot camp and put them on the border. Instead of paying them to go on 5o-mile road marches at some base, have them hike the borders during or after training.

Pilots who burn up their fuel budgets every quarter could get in their flight time and keep their fuel allotments for next year’s budget by flying the border.

Last, but not least: We really don’t need a wall.

All you need to do is place a $50,000 fine on business owners who employ non-citizens, and illegals will flee the country immediately because they wont be able to get a job.

I don’t expect anything of common sense to ever take place because that wouldn’t help the rich get richer nor the humanist become God.

Thank you,

Dan Culmer

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