Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson

American society overwhelmingly favors men. The “gender wage gap” and “male privilege” prove it. And besides, “toxic masculinity” and “rape culture” are turning men into pigs. That’s the message delivered daily, if not hourly, in America’s schools and universities and by the nation’s news and entertainment media – that America is noxiously biased in favor of males.

One small problem, however. The facts and figures seem to point to exactly the opposite conclusion: In virtually every area imaginable, and some unimaginable, American men and boys today are failing, falling behind, and all too often, self-destructing.

Attempting to shed light on this mysteriously ignored story, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has launched a series of segments, titled “Men in America,” to explore this issue throughout the month of March – every Wednesday – on his primetime show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The show’s producers tell WND the Wednesday, March 14 segment will focus on “the collapse of traditionally male jobs and the effect of illegal immigration and technology on male high unemployment.” Scheduled to be interviewed for the segment is Mike Rowe, writer, producer and former host of the Discovery TV show, “Dirty Jobs.”

Last Wednesday, Carlson kicked off the series with a stunning litany of statistics and facts highlighting the problem.

Tucker Carlson’s March 7 introduction to “Men in America” series:

A few excerpts:

The signs are everywhere.

If you’re a middle-aged man, you probably know a peer who has killed himself in recent years. At least one.

If you’re a parent, you may have noticed that your daughter’s friends seem a little more on the ball than your son’s. They get better grades. They smoke much less marijuana. They go to more prestigious colleges.

If you’re an employer, you may have noticed that your female employees show up on time, the young men don’t.

And of course if you live in this country, you’ve just seen a horrifying series of mass shootings, far more than we’ve ever had. Women didn’t do that. In every case, the shooter was a man.

Something ominous is happening to men in America. Everyone who pays attention knows that. What’s odd is how rarely you hear it publicly acknowledged.

Carlson then rattled off a truly disturbing sequence of stats, including:

  • The average American man will die five years before the average American woman.
  • Men are more than twice as likely as women to become alcoholics. They’re also twice as likely to die of a drug OD.
  • Seventy-seven percent of all suicides in America are committed by men.
  • Over 90 percent of inmates are men.
  • More girls than boys graduate high school. Considerably more go to and graduate from college.
  • In schools at every level, boys account for the overwhelming majority of school discipline cases. One study found that fully one in five high school boys had been diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder. Many of them were medicated for it.
  • Women now decisively outnumber men in graduate school. They earn the majority of doctoral degrees. They are now the majority of new enrollees in both law and medical schools.
  • There are now seven million working-age American men who are no longer in the labor force. They’ve dropped out. Nearly half of them take pain medication on any given day.
  • Single women buy their own homes at more than twice the rate of single men. More women than men now have driver’s licenses.
  • Men are even falling behind physically. A recent study found that almost half of young men failed the Army’s entry-level physical fitness test during basic training. Fully seventy percent of American men are now overweight or obese. That’s compared to 59 percent of American women.

“Perhaps most bafflingly or terrifyingly,” Carlson concluded, “men seem to be becoming less male. Sperm counts across the West have plummeted, they’re down almost 60 percent since the early 1970s. Scientists don’t know why this is. Testosterone levels in men have also fallen precipitously. One study found that the average levels of male testosterone dropped by one percent every year after 1987. … Lower testosterone levels in men are associated with depression, lethargy, weight gain and decreased cognitive ability.”

His guest for the segment was Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whose internet presence has exploded in recent months with millions of views of his various videos.

Professor Jordan Peterson interview on March 7 “Tucker Carlson Tonight”:

Ironically and predictably, many in the mainstream media ridiculed Carlson for his efforts – both for coming to the defense of men and boys, and for launching the series during March, “Women’s History Month.”

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