Hi, Joseph. I noticed your recent column, “The real problem we have with ‘self-love.'”

While reading your article, it occurred to me how mortals have a rough time with God’s reasoning. They’re naturally inclined to reason exactly like Lucifer! Needless to say, we all need a measure of self-centeredness, just to survive. It’s also tough to love obnoxious, belligerent folks, especially when it’s compounded by Lucifer’s dark influence.

Thankfully, Judeo-Christian doctrine is diametrically opposed to Lucifer’s flawed reasoning. Two thousand years later, there’s no shortage of people willfully embracing the dark side because they lust for wealth, power and enjoy violence. In their vain imaginations, they likely share Lucifer’s fantasy of lording-over the entire world.

Obviously, Lucifer’s minions view Christianity as a direct threat to their vain ambitions. Their paranoid obsession with trashing all things Christian tends to confirm the doctrine is 100 percent genuine!


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