See Austen Fletcher’s man-on-street interviews at Women’s March:

Many of the participants in the Women’s March in Los Angeles were unable to explain why they hated President Trump, with notable exceptions, such as a young, purple-haired woman who threatened to kill him and Vice President Mike Pence.

Her sign at the Sunday demonstration read: “Kill Donald Trump, Kill Mike Pence. It’s guillotine time, b-tches!”

The woman was asked by video journalist Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks what her sign meant, the American Mirror blog reported.

“I think that we should kill Donald Trump,” she said. “And I think we should also kill Mike Pence, because I wouldn’t want him in office, either.”

She explained her disdain for the president.

“I’m not here to support someone who’s, like, a capitalist, making money off the struggles of women and, like, women of color, and like, people of color in this country. Like, I’m actually upset. Like, I’m like. ”

Asked what kind of system of governance she preferred, she said a “communist utopia.”

She acknowledged, however, that “that’s pretty hard to do.”

The Women’s March in Los Angeles was one of many held nationwide Sunday, one year after the massive protests during Trump’s inauguration in which women, dressed in pink “vagina hats,” marched to protest Trump, calling him a misogynist who threatened gender equality and inclusion.

During the inauguration, activists also turned up at Vice President Mike Pence’s house and threw a dance party celebrating the LGBT community.

Weeks later, anti-Trumpers protested at airports nationwide in opposition to Trump’s travel restrictions from nations that aid and abet terrorism.

On the anniversary of Trump’s election last November, left-wing activists organized a nationwide event in which they invited people to gather to let out a “primal scream for the current state of our democracy.”



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