There’s a reason the airlines brief passengers that, “in the event of depressurization … put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.”

The reason is that at 40,000 feet your span of consciousness without supplemental oxygen is about 15 seconds. At that point it’s “lights out, baby,” and you can’t help anybody.

Washington, D.C., has been a high-flying whorehouse for a long time now. In fact, those of us in the rest of the nation could be excused for slowly coming to believe that our government is nothing more than a sexually dysfunctional, inbred organization designed for raping and plundering the rest of us.

That’s the real reason for the visceral reaction to President Donald Trump. They don’t like him.

Maybe it’s time to let the dysfunctional D.C. kleptocrats in on a little secret. Donald Trump is president because we don’t like you.

Following the 2016 elections, Airship D.C. taxied for takeoff. It rolled down the runway and became airborne on Jan. 20, 2017. The aircraft took off erratically and then struggled to reach cruise altitude. Perhaps that was because the cockpit crew were having the same arguments the passengers were having. The engines failed after they ingested a flock of Twitter tweets.

Donald Trump was the only one aboard Airship D.C. who had listened to the takeoff briefing. When the oxygen masks dropped down after depressurization, he put his own oxygen mask on first, before turning to help someone around him. The rest of Airship D.C.’s passengers endured their 15 seconds of consciousness, then lapsed into unconscious and denial. Most of those passengers now seem to be trending toward brain-dead, as evidenced by mainline media hysteria that would only make sense to a person drifting into total and permanent unconsciousness.

I have no idea if trending into unconsciousness would be a defense against acts of treason or sedition. Anyway, it’s been a long time since anyone has been executed for treason in this nation. Maybe it’s been too long.

When senior FBI agents and DOJ attorneys think their job is obstructing elections, we have a problem. In airliner terms, that’s a “mayday” problem. It’s a bigger problem than we’ve had at least since the Civil War. Oh, FBI leadership also used taxpayer bonuses as the payoff. And why not? Hillary Clinton was going to be elected, and priority one from that moment on would have been to destroy Donald Trump, because he dared to challenge the Clinton crime syndicate.

If this were simply a few bad apples spoiling in the barrel, it would be one thing. But the federal judge holding the second Cliven Bundy trial in Nevada recently dismissed, with prejudice, all charges against the men on trial. Why? Because of Department of Justice federal attorney corruption and misconduct. Think about that for a while. They lied, withheld and manipulated evidence in an effort to convict. The conduct was so egregious that a normally pro-government judge said the men can never be tried again for the case. What a disgrace this is to a once-great nation! Yet it speaks volumes about the mentality in D.C.

We have institutionalized subversion and an overt effort to overthrow a lawfully elected government by senior members of the nation’s top law enforcement agency, and the Department of Justice. Half the Congress would join the team if they could.

And why not? With the vast capabilities the taxpayers have given the NSA to protect the nation, why wouldn’t the corrupt use it for their own gain? The oath of office they took is meaningless to them: They fear neither God nor man.

There are likely good reasons there were no federal budgets, just a set of continuing resolutions, during the Obama tenure. Recent reports indicate that trillions of dollars were “lost” by HUD and DOD. How many of those trillions of dollars do you think were paid to the tech titans to spy on Americans and assist NSA, in blatant violation of the Constitution? How much of Congress do you think is being blackmailed with the NSA’s monitoring?

What’s the penalty going to be? Without a penalty that will be remembered for a very long time, we can kiss this nation goodbye. Even if Trump succeeds, the kleptocracy will re-emerge in another election. Is that what we want?

So by all means, Congress, come home to “constituent land” this summer, before the 2018 elections. We have a lot to talk about, don’t we?

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