[To Joseph Farah:] I just made a tiny donation to WND – nothing to crow about. But it was done half heartedly – was almost as reluctant to give as I was happy. That is because your work does as much damage as it does good, by legitimizing the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church as just another harmless, albeit misguided, bunch of denominations.

Protestant denominations also, no doubt, are badly backsliden at this time – but by no means can they be lumped together with the twin masterpieces of Satan, birthed by Constantine the Great from the Vatican and Constantinople. By the way, I have no affiliation with any denomination or non-denomination. Call me an indi-Christian.

Have you ever considered that perhaps your decision to wink at the Mother of Harlots (MOH) is the reason the Lord is not prospering your work, as much you would expect? There is a MOH, yes? What other could it be, if not the RCC/EOC?

Just thinking aloud.

James R.

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