I have written about the Sahara forest and the Negev forest before, but it’s time to tackle this subject again.

It seems everyone now agrees that both the Arabian desert and Israel’s Judean desert were both once tropical forestland.

So, what happened?

Even though most secular scientists are thoroughly convinced these big deserts were forested, they generally believe it was a very long time ago – maybe even millions of years. They think old because they believe the world is millions of years old – or maybe even billions of years old.

I have news for you. It’s not. It’s only about 6,000 years old. I know that because the Bible tells me so. I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that cute?” Well, I am more convinced that the Bible is God-breathed truth than I am that I am alive right now writing this column.

I also know from the Bible that the Arabian desert was once a forest – and not that long ago. How? Because the Bible makes it pretty clear, as a WND story Monday explained. You see, it’s like this: The prophet Isaiah, my favorite, wrote in his time that that it was a desert. No more than 100 years later, Jeremiah wrote that God judged the people of that land and stopped the rains. As you can see, he hasn’t started them again, and that was about 600 or 700 years before Jesus was born.

So, there was catastrophic climate change, and it had nothing to do with carbon dioxide levels or automobiles or greenhouse gases or industry. God is the No. 1 factor on climate – and He’s changed it quite a few times over the years.

He did it again during the Babylonian captivity in the Judean forest. That’s right. I said forest. It’s been a desert ever since. He didn’t just stop the rains in that case, he burned it down. Another prophet tells us that – Ezekiel.

Here’s another thing I just learned – not from the Bible, but from scientists. They are almost unanimous on the fact that both the Sahara and the Negev were once forested. They just wouldn’t believe the time frame if you proved it to them. Both happened fairly recently – not millions of billions of years ago.

If you’d like to check the verses for yourselves, make sure you are using a reputable translation, preferably an older one. Some of the new ones have changed the meanings of the original language. In other words, when they saw “Arabian forest,” they changed it to “desert” or “thicket.” But the Hebrew word there is clearly “ya’ar” – which any Hebrew speaker today would tell you means “forest.”

The key verse regarding the Arabian forest is Isaiah 21:13. The key verses regarding God’s judgment that turned it into a desert is Jeremiah 3:2-3.

What about the Negev? Look it up in Ezekiel 20:46-47. Some Bibles actually say “Negev,” while others, like the King James only say “forest of the south.” No difference. There is only one desert in the south of Israel – the Negev, which means south.

So, there you have it. The moral of the story? If you don’t like climate change, behave yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive or what your carbon footprint looks like. Climate change throughout history has been largely dictated by how human beings behave. If you chase after false gods, don’t expect any rain. If you sacrifice your children on the altar of pagan gods, expect the worst. If you get really, really evil – like the people of Noah’s time got – you might see too much rain, though God promised He would never again flood the entire Earth.

It’s real simple, folks. Some people like to make things complicated to justify their own behavior and the desires of their corrupt hearts and minds.

But, at the end of the day, human beings are going to get what they deserve on the basis of their obedience, or lack thereof, to the One True God of Israel.

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