Dear Joseph Farah,

I saw your urgent appeal today for financial help to keep WND going.

If you believe that WND is God’s work, then why do you seek help from man? None of the apostles asked their followers for money to keep their ministry going. As a senior minister of Christ, let me urge you to read about the life of George Mueller and why he says that a servant of God should not appeal to man for doing God’s work. Here’s a passage about that great servant of God:

“This implicit surrender to God’s word led him to certain views and conduct in regard to money, which mightily influenced his future life. They had their root in the conviction that money was a Divine stewardship, and that all money had therefore to be received and dispensed in direct fellowship with God Himself. This led him to the adoption of the following four great rules: 1. Not to receive any fixed salary, both because in the collecting of it there was often much that was at variance with the freewill offering with which God’s service is to be maintained, and in the receiving of it a danger of placing more dependence on human sources of income than in the living God Himself. 2. Never to ask any human being for help, however great the need might be, but to make his wants known to the God who has promised to care for His servants and to hear their prayer.”

If God wants WND going, he WILL provide the means miraculously. If God doesn’t want WND going and you are forced to close it, it is the best thing that can happen to WND and you. May God give you the faith to believe this.

You and WND are in my fervent prayers.

Joseph Cherian

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