(Indian Express) A local church in Christian predominant state of Mizoram has announced cash incentives for couples who have four or more babies. The Lunglei Bazar Veng Baptist Church has recently announced Rs 4,000 for the fourth baby, Rs 5000 for the fifth and so on.

Secretary of the Bazar Veng Baptist Church, which has announced the cash incentives, also confirmed that his church has decided not to fix any upper ceiling. Going by the church’s policy, the more babies are born, the more cash reward will be doled out.

The low birth rate among the dominant Mizo tribe has become a matter of concern not only for the Mizo organizations but also for the churches. “We encourage more children,” Lalramleina Pachuau, senior executive member of the Mizoram Synod of Presbyterian Church of India, said when contacted over phone. He clarified though that the Presbyterian Church has decided not to announce any cash incentives. Pachuau says that while the population of Mizos is already less, the birth rate is further decreasing.

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