Every great culture begins on its knees before God and dies on its back as a whore. Changing paradigms is the death rattle of decline. For example, when the Roman Empire embraced Christianity, it collapsed. Why? Because even superpowers devolve, decompose from the inside and fall from their tree like over-ripe fruit. When hopelessly corrupt, despicably castrated and irreligious, they are replaced by groups with spiritual depth, primal motivations and far stronger will.

This is why violent antifa temper tantrums, Occupy Wall Street slackers, some of whom spend months without working, and Hollywood and Washington degenerates cannot overthrow America. Superpowers are seldom usurped by pot-puffing comedians, underachievers, pacifists and angry perverts from both sides of the aisle.

What are the historical patterns of the Roman and British Empires, the American Revolution? This diagram shows philosopher Hegel’s respected idea about the natural sequence of change:


Start at the bottom left of the chart above. Thesis was the Roman Empire, at first strong and vibrant, then depraved and sacrilegious. Christianity was Rome’s spiritual Antithesis, holy, inspirational and unstoppable. The Synthesis – the two combining – became the painful labor pains of Rome’s collapse, the Dark Ages giving birth to a new Thesis. Think of every great culture as a mother who dies in childbirth.

The next great Thesis in the West was the explosively spiritual and artistic Renaissance in Europe, and rise of the British Empire. After England became corrupt and her religious oppression against citizens became intolerable, a new Antithesis appeared called the Puritans. These brave, liberty-seeking political refugees fled Europe to become Pilgrims in a new land that a century and a half later became America.

The vast British Empire began to die after the painful birthing process – Synthesis – of the American Revolution, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and sadly was laid to rest in the rubble of World War II, in that open grave called embracing socialism.

Here’s the good news. The early British Empire with its remarkable medieval achievement of individual liberty writ large in the Magna Carta, and centuries later on the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, both improved upon the brutality and primitive laws of the Roman Empire – for example, the deification of emperors and crucifixion as legal punishment. Likewise, the American Revolution ushered in more religious and economic freedoms than the British Empire could envision.

The American Revolution for the first time in history enshrined the rule of law, not the rule of men, codified religious freedom, sanctity of life, privacy, private property, free speech, free press and gun laws into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These freedoms allowed free enterprise to replace imperialism as the means of acquiring wealth. What a remarkable accomplishment!

The American Revolution broke the shackles of some forms elitism – albeit left a few in place – which hitherto enthroned ruthless emperors, dictators, brought imperialistic tribal leaders to power and colonial-era monarchs to seats of supremacy.

From Rome to Great Britain to America. History seemed to be traveling in the right direction. Caveman to landing on the moon, the evolution of freedom was bloody, slow but steady. Until now. “Let not your heart be troubled.” as the Bible says.

Take comfort in this. Liberalism is America’s Synthesis, a transition not our fate, a distressing journey not our resting place. In other words, progressive hate dementia is not America’s knight in shining armor who saves humanity from ruin, but the temporary and poisonous Dark Ages of intolerance and abortion holocaust. Something more beautiful, more freedom-loving will emerge from the swamp of history as it always has.

Liberals may drag us into a secular swamp, but only the spiritually vibrant can replace America or renew her spirit and liberty. Reject the lure of godless government control over individuals because the hidden bait will disempower you.

Socialism is the Dark Ages of a dying culture. Like a dying star, it implodes the entire structure of economic, religious and individual freedoms.

Know that the new Thesis will be grander than previous cultures could imagine.

For those of faith, Hegel’s dialectic applies only to this earthly realm. The final Thesis of God’s plan of salvation promises an end to death, to corruption and to suffering. No Antithesis will have power to change heaven’s plan of paradise, so Dark Ages need not apply.

Here is a poem from my eBook, “Until What’s Mortal Cannot Dance – 61 poems,” which talks about how as a potted lemon tree can produce fruit from lowly soil and water, maybe God has a marvelous surprise for us after death:

The Lemon Tree

The afterlife occurred to me,
When looking at a potted tree.
Bright lemons hung upon its boughs,
At odds with what the pot endows:

The common dirt and water drop
Create this flaming-yellow crop,
As strange as if a mammal’s womb
Gives birth to fleas or to a broom.

If alchemy* in plants revise,
Cannot the womb of death surprise?
If lemons come from dew and earth,
Then maybe death is only birth.

* alchemy: the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter, particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold: also a seemingly magical process of transformation

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