Starving polar bear (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

Starving polar bear (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

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Did you see the hysteria over the emaciated polar bear over the weekend?

I suspect it will continue through the week.

It seems a photographer has captured picture of … a dying polar bear.

The immediate conclusion of the world press, as well as the Sea Legacy crew that brought him to the Canadian island of Baffin or Somerset – depending on the “fake news” source you read – was this bear is a victim of “global warming.” Some of the publications claim it is proof of worldwide catastrophic “climate change.”

I admit, it’s sad to see any animal dying. But maybe it doesn’t prove “global warming.” Maybe he’s just 15 years old – the average lifespan of a polar bear in the wild. Maybe his or her time has just come.

I mean, polar bears do die – just like everything else.

Maybe the photographer and the crew of the Sea Legacy should have called some zoos around the world for a pickup. Polar bears live as long as 45 years in captivity, where they get all the food they need. It’s always been tough being a polar bear in the wild.

Of course, no one interviewed the polar bear, so we don’t know his-her story. So why is it appropriate to attribute, without dissent, without question, without balance, without fairness, without skepticism, without common-sense, the notion that this bear is a victim of global warming? It’s absolute nonsense. And it is astonishing how the people of the entire world are being manipulated by media activists desperate to spend countless trillions of taxpayer dollars in a vain attempt to bring global temperatures down.

They think we’re all fools.

Do these so-called news outlets know there are people dying all over the world – and not a one from “global warming”?

There are some 25,000 polar bears in the world, too. Occasionally, one of them dies. It’s probably unusual for photographers in the Arctic to catch one of them when it’s on its last legs. I suspect that’s what happened last week.

But it is not proof, or even evidence, of catastrophic global warming. The evidence of that would have to be demonstrated in higher temperatures over a long period of time, but there is none – except for fudged data by scientists on the take from the “climate change” cartel.

Meanwhile, here are a few questions about the dying polar bear that need answers:

  • Did the team make any effort to get animal control teams involved in capture of the critter? Wouldn’t that have been the humane thing to do?
  • Did the team ask any locals about the bear? Did it ever occur to anyone he-she may have been injured rather than a victim of apocalyptic climate change?
  • What island were they really on? We do have different reports in different media, and that is just a little suspicious. One of the islands, Somerset, has a significant tourist industry for people who want to watch whales, polar bears and other wildlife. I’m sure those who work in the industry would be a wealth of information on that status of their beloved bears.
  • How many miles did you have to walk to find the sick polar bear?
  • Did you see any healthy polar bears?
  • Did you hear anyone tell about a sick or dying polar bear before you arrived at your destination?
  • If you found healthy polar bears, would you have been happier or sadder?

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