Headline writers around the globe have gone wild over the story of an Amazon delivery driver who was caught on video pooping in a gutter in front of a customer’s home.

And there was a common theme.

“Pooping in gutter,” said Fox 40. “Driver poops,” said ABC. “Video shows woman pooping,” said CBS. “Driver caught pooping,” said WWLP. “SEE IT: Amazon delivery driver caught on video pooping,” said the New York Daily News.

One European publication varied that message, stating, “Ding dung. Amazon delivery driver caught having a poo on customer’s driveway after dropping of a package.”

The simple story is that homeowner Nemy Bautista is “down in the dumps,” according to the Huffington Post, after finding feces in front of his house and reviewing a security video that showed the Amazon subcontractor, who later was relieved of her duties by Amazon.

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Bautista contacted Amazon, and the company sent a supervisor who “ended up scooping it up with a plastic bag.”

Amazon said: “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we’re in direct communication with the customer.”

The Huffington Post then snarked, “The company gave Bautista a gift card to apologize for all the crap.”

See the story:

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Headline writers let loose with “unwanted delivery,” “special delivery,” “huge deuce,” “special package” and more.

There was no mention in any of the reports whether there was any medical condition or other circumstance that might contribute to the odd behavior.

The Daily Caller gently explained the driver “relieved herself.”

But the second point that was emphasized in print and on air was the fact that it was “CAUGHT ON CAMERA.”

“Video shows,” said Kansas City Star. “Surveillance video,” explained Fox. “Video” proclaimed a number. “On camera,” said KABC. “CCTV” said the Metro. “Home surveillance” added a second Fox outlet.

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At India.com was the comment that the homeowner wrote a “scathing post” on Facebook over the “uncouth behavior.”

The comments went viral, collecting hundreds of comments, shares and reactions.

At Pop Culture came the comment: “While the story is amusing to many, there are some in the comment section of Bautista’s post that are sympathizing with the driver. Amazon is known for holding their employees to incredibly strict time lines, and it’s possible that the driver was sick. Other users have left comments saying that they’re drivers too, and sometimes, duty calls.”

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