With every act – with every presidential proclamation – Donald Trump is becoming the president we’ve been hoping for since the close of Ronald Reagan’s last term. I think he has surprised most everyone.

He has had one of the most historic first years of any president in recent memory. And just imagine what his first year could have looked like if the Republican-controlled legislature weren’t so spineless and spiteful and didn’t have so many liberals in its ranks. Repeal of Obamacare would be a reality, as would more substantive tax relief, and border wall construction would be well underway. It could have and should have been the most consequential year of any presidency going back to our founding. And I don’t say this lightly.

On Dec. 6, I wrote an article entitled, “Trump may be becoming the president we conservatives wanted.”

I was never a Trumpster, but I meant what I wrote then and even more so now – now that he has done what others have promised and never had the courage to implement. I am, of course, speaking of Trump’s announcement to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and instruct the State Department to begin plans to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital. Despite all the wailing and warnings, Trump did what was right because it was the right thing to do.

Three other president’s before him promised the very same. Clinton, “W,” and Obama all committed to do what President Trump did. Simply put, all three lied to the American people in order to garner votes and get themselves elected. They knew darn well they were lying and didn’t care. During each of their campaigns, all three stood at a podium and exclaimed that Jerusalem would be recognized as the capital and the U.S. Embassy would reflect that fact. During the 2000 campaign, Bush even called out Clinton for effectively lying about the pledge.

Of the great “statesman” of the last 30-some-aught years, the only one to have the stones and the honesty to keep his promise is said, by these same past presidents, to be the liar among them, and not up to the task. What a joke that has turned out to be.

But still, the naysayers throughout the world believe that this act will spark the eruption of the Muslim world.

Because of Trump’s proclamation, chants of death to America now resound throughout the Muslim world. U.S. and Israeli flags are burned by the hundreds. Wow! We’ve never witnessed anything like it. Oh wait … yes we have. We see it every time we say or do something of which Muslims don’t approve. It’s par for the course and nothing more. Muslims have been burning the American flag, rioting and chanting death to America and Israel since the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Heck, if one were into crass commercialism, one might set up a kiosk franchise to sell American and Israeli flags in every major Muslim city. The franchisee would sell individual flags, package deals containing both flags – maybe even deluxe protest kits, containing both flags, a fire starter and an accelerant just in case it’s moist out. You could make a fortune.

Of course, the lefty press is positively effervescent at the opportunity to further bash Trump and America, but this too will pass with the announcement of the next sex pervert to be outed in Hollywood and/or Washington.

I still don’t care for Trump’s speechifying. He’s difficult and kind of painful to listen to – but who cares? I’m sure no one relished having to stare at Abraham Lincoln for any length of time while he spoke. The tone and tenor of Trump’s speeches, however grating to me, will not be remembered, but as Mark Levin says of Trump’s bold Israel initiative – this will be remembered for a thousand years.

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