Regarding: “Trump eyes private spy network to fight ‘deep state'”:

On Nov. 22, 1963, the die was cast. Deep State scored; Moloch’s minions salivated. As planned, the federal leviathan then grew like a fast-spreading cancer, diabolically dangerous and malignant, leveraged by endless fiat dollars.

Robert “Bad Cop” Mueller is the spear-tip of lawless Deep State factions in bed with a Democratic Party wallowing in rings of pedophilia, shocking systemic corruption and the ghastly blood sacrifice of millions of innocents.

The diabolical D.C. leviathan is an existential threat to the constitutional republic and everyday American citizens. Donald J. Trump is an existential threat to the diabolical leviathan.

When history is viewed as a morality play, it all begins to make sense.

Ed Lee

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