Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer co-host the "Today" show.

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer co-host the “Today” show.

Matt Lauer equates founders with terrorists

Nov. 11, 2004: In an interview with former second lady Lynne Cheney, the “Today Show’s” Matt Lauer equated the Islamic radicals in Fallujah terrorizing Iraq with George Washington’s Revolutionary War army.lauer_cheney

When the vice president’s wife rebuffed Lauer for equating Washington’s troops with the radical Muslim terrorists, he then clarified his line of questioning. Lauer came back: “I’m just saying, but the insurgents believe they’re fighting for a cause as well. They don’t believe any less than we believe.”

WND-20-Years“Well, but Matt, you’re being awfully relativistic here, “Cheney answered. “I mean, the insurgents are killing Iraqis by the hundreds, Iraqis by the thousands. It’s not as though this is a matter between just ‘on the one hand on the other hand.’ We are on the side of freedom. I think that idea is so powerful and does give us wind at our back.”

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