I didn’t know that Judge Moore is Shiva in disguise.

The latest allegations against him have Judge Moore holding the door of the car locked (otherwise the girl could have unlocked the door), with two hands holding her head (otherwise she could have turned her head, breaking his grip on her) and another hand groping her. Humans have only two hands, but the god Shiva has more, therefore Judge Moore is the god Shiva. Apparently, Shiva is a master of disguise, too.

If I were Judge Moore, I would also announce that I instructed my lawyer to draw up a lawsuit against Gloria Allred for libel and defamation of character. Sue for a minimum of $100 million. Christian forgiveness is one thing. Gloria Allred’s record shows that she’s a repeat offender, so the suit is to fulfill a Christian duty for justice and to protect others.

Karl Randolph

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