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Polygraph 'em all!

I couldn’t sleep at all last night for the wranglings going on inside my head over the Roy Moore issue.

No. 1: When did this country shift to an accusation/allegation basis for truth rather than a search for or uncovering of the truth? It appears to be a really lazy way out!

No. 2: Why have so many of his seemingly own party brothers been so quick to throw him under the bus?

No. 3: Doesn’t anybody understand the difference between fact and fiction and what separates the two? What I mean by that takes us back to point No. 1. Nobody is seemingly interested in obtaining credibility from these accusers.

No. 4: I have a very simple and absolute method to obtain the truth. We all know the Bloombergs and Kochs are flush with cash, and it would be easy for them to dig up five (for now) past figures, if that’s what they really are, and make a sizable deposit into their accounts, I’d venture to say a quarter million each, for a fabricated story, knowing full well they would never be called into question or any sort of litigation take place so they could make these claims with full impunity. Getting back to my method of proof: Open their financials and current state of affairs, and also – this is the biggie – bring into the mix a live streaming polygraph on national TV with all the players, the five accusers and Judge Moore. Of course that will never happen, but it would be a way to uncover who wants Moore out of politics!

Alan C. Castle