We are all in shock at the multiple reports of the sexual exploitations from Hollywood to D.C. and in our own backyards. But, let’s be honest abut this matter. The words “casting couch” has been in common use in our vocabulary for decades, and there was no outrage.

It became a common cost of doing business in an industry that brought fame and fortune to many. The term casting couch first appeared in Variety on Nov. 24, 1937. That is 80 years ago, and neither the church nor the average American made it a national issue until the recent escapades of certain individuals made the headlines.

There have been verified reports of sexual misconduct ranging from the Vatican to the White House. There have been confirmed reports of molestations in some of the most revered institutions such as the Boy Scouts and the church at large, and yet we fail to call it what it is: HUMAN TRAFFICKING, PROSTITUTION, SIN.

It is time for the Body of Messiah to cry out and stand firm on the Word about sexual sin. I am not without sin, nor is any of us, but this will not stop until we, as believers, say enough is enough. We must repent for our silence as pastors, rabbis, clergy and believers and say no more!

The Bible tells us these are the Days of Noah, and nations will fall and the antichrist will rise up – but if we sit quietly by, we are sealing America’s future, and it will be upon us before we even realize it is happening.

Eighty years of this behavior is enough. I repent for not speaking out sooner and condemning the very concept of “the casting couch.” 

Join with me and condemn the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, sons and daughters, and speak out against this and issue a warning from the pulpits, the breakfast table and anywhere your voice can be heard. We condemn sexual exploitation of any kind and call on corporations and government to cease and desist this abhorrent behavior.


Rev/Rabbi Eric E. Walker

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