The mouse-click era has killed journalism. Isn’t it true that “journalists” today sit on Twitter and their smartphones, waiting for a trendy topic? When they find one, their source is …Twitter.

Are there actually people who believe what they read on Twitter? Are there people who think private messages on that platform are private? Are there people who believe that everything on Twitter doesn’t end up in NSA’s Utah facility?

Are there any news executives who actually think this is journalism?

Journalists always cultivated relationships with sources; that’s the news business. These relationships were founded on mutual respect at best, mutual backscratching being more common.

The public always assumed the journalist brought something to the conversation: He or she knew something about the subject beyond what the person in front of him told him. He knew something about humanity. And he knew something that other people, not necessarily in agreement with the man or woman he sat down with at the table, had told him.

Seriously, what does sourcing an article from Twitter bring to the table? If we want “he said, she said,” most of us can get that at work each day at the coffeemaker. Why would I subscribe to a newspaper for that?

What do editors do anymore? Do they just sit and watch what’s trending on social media? I thought they were supposed to challenge sourcing, demand that opinions be removed from news stories and uphold the organization’s standards. Do they do that anymore?

President Trump is on an Asian tour. Are they afraid to cover him because they are afraid he is going to succeed? Why do reporters think their job is to politik 24/7. As a reader, I don’t give a s–t what you as a reporter THINK about Trump, and your editor should make sure I don’t have to wade through it. I care about what Trump did and said; report it, and I’ll figure out what it means. You are obviously incapable of discerning that for me, even though you think otherwise.

Most major news organizations are publicly traded companies. What’s happened to their news executives? Where did they come from, cosmetology? My hairdresser knows more about what’s going on in town than the newspaper editor. Is “he/she said” something you condone, as long as the mouse-clicks keep coming in?

Maybe Bezos’ Blog (formerly the Washington Post) is the future of journalism. Just a handy little tool for lobbying politicians: the ones Amazon likes get good press, the ones it doesn’t like get ugly mouse-click stories, even if they turn out to be fake news. The operating expenses are just chump change to him.

Those who live by the mouse-click, die by the mouse-click. You can’t bring anything to readers when you don’t have anything to bring. If you have 27-year-old reporters writing your stories, what kind of insights do you expect?

The wrecking ball has just begun working its way through American society. Why do you news executives, editors and reporters think you’re going to be exempt?

Give us some insight. Judgments shouldn’t be partisan in nature, as they now all are. They should be filtered through the character of reporters and editors who have a decent history of life. Maybe some of you actually know that. If so, it would be interesting to hear from you.

Absolution: The Singularity, Volume III. It’s where we are.

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