Monty Python-2

And now for something completely different from the English gulag: another Monty Python-esque regulation.

It seems that, for some unknown reason, swarthy peoples of Middle Eastern ancestry have been increasing splashing random pale Anglo Saxons (probably a few Normans as well) with caustic chemicals.

Acid attacks in London

Bad show to be certain, but fortunately our friends across the pond have a solution, using the time-tested palliative demonstrated in the following scenario:

Problem: “Imported killer robots are dissolving Wimbledon attendees with solar powered ray guns.”

Solution: “Restrict sunlight and cower in the dark.”

Yes, that’s right: Britain will now limit acid sales after a steep rise in assaults using acid.

Consider this: The total population of London in 2017 is 8 million and growing. The Muslim population of London is about 1.3 million, or roughly 16 percent, and growing (faster). According to the Daily Mail UK, “In 1990 there were 1.1million Muslims in Britain, representing two per cent of the population. By last year that figure had risen to 2.8 million, or four percent. By 2030 the number will hit 5.5 million – eight percent of an estimated 68 million population.”

But as acid attacks increase, I’d like to suggest another fix. The number of close-circuit (CC) cameras spying on British subjects under the authority of London security forces is roughly 500,000 and growing, or at present, one camera per sixteen residents.

The solution for acid attacks is therefore obvious: London needs to get rid of CC cameras.

In all seriousness, the denial of real cause-and-effect on the part of those whose primary job is the safety of their constituents is passing from laughable to ludicrous. Regulating or banning a tool or a substance that has a legitimate use – because it can also be used with criminal intent – is only reasonable if doing so will turn a criminal into a law-abiding citizen. Those acid-throwers may have gone to the corner chemist to buy H2SO4, but more likely they simply boosted a battery from a neighbor’s car. Or maybe they’ll decide to switch to products like lye, oven cleaner, bleach, 30 percent peroxide, gasoline, etc.

The real source of London’s problems is in the hearts of men. And until that fact is faced and accepted, lorries will continue to plow into people, acid will continue to be thrown, and bombs will explode.

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A similar conundrum has just entered the stage here in the good ol’ USA. And taking a page from the denial playbook in England, the powers-that-be here are also looking for a solution in all the wrong places.

On Oct. 1, 2017, a whack-job shooter located high atop a nearby hotel opened fire on a crowd of concert attendees in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds. The shooter’s motives are at present either unclear or unreported.

Likewise, we (meaning you and me) do not know if he had any assistance in his endeavor. The authorities report that he had 23 guns in the hotel room, with at least a dozen being classified as semi-automatic rifles modified with an add-on device commonly referred to as a bump-stock. Bump-stocks, as defined in the Washington Post, are “… are legal modifications to the lower receiver of rifles that simulate automatic fire. The modified stock harnesses the energy from recoil, forcing the firing mechanism to move faster than originally designed.”

Now this being the Washington Post, the only accurate parts of the definition above are “legal,” “modified stock,” and “energy from recoil.” A bump-fire stock doesn’t require any actual modifications to the lower receiver. It simulates automatic fire only to the extent that it causes your finger to compress the trigger faster than you normally could without it, and it doesn’t cause the firing mechanism to move faster than originally designed. (If it did, the gun wouldn’t be able to fire that fast.)

But regardless, the simple fact is that an amalgamation of steel, brass, plastic and lead didn’t kill anyone that October night. Those injuries and deaths are the responsibility of the now-deceased shooter.

It’s also been discovered that the shooter’s car contained something like 40 to 50 pounds of Tannerite, a two-part explosive that, had it been detonated in a crowd, could have killed and wounded just as many innocent people. Tannerite, like a bump-stock, is legal to own and is made from commonly available chemicals.

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As usual, the anti-gun folks were ready. Screams and howls calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment went up before the bodies were even off the field. And despite there being no evidence (so far) that there was any way the shooter could have been stopped from acquiring all those guns (even anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein admitted no law would have stopped him), savvy politicos understood that something – anything – had to be done to protect their phony-baloney jobs.

Hence the call from the left and right to reclassify bump-stocks into the same category as machine guns, with all the same restrictions and licensing requirements

There’s only one problem: Making a recoil-assisted triggering device is easy. Go type in “DIY bump stock” on Youtube and take a look at all the video tutorials. It doesn’t require anything more complicated than a couple of pieces of sheet metal, some nuts and bolts, and maybe a hand drill. You can knock one together in the garage in an afternoon. The company who manufactures them commercially makes a much more stylish-looking unit, but if your purpose is mayhem, appearance is probably low on your list.

In the mind of the Las Vegas shooter, there were many things more important than bump-stocks for the success of his “mission.” With or without assistance, his preparation was perfect. He obviously planned this single atrocity well ahead of time. He determined a way to move massive amounts of weapons and ammunition into a venue with considerably more surveillance than an ordinary hotel. The number of rifles and pre-loaded magazines within reach, and the nature of the event below him, assured his success even if he’d had to squeeze the trigger without mechanical assistance. His timing and zone security was spot-on. And although there is some evidence to suggest that he was considering escape as an option, he was also prepared to make his play as a one-way trip.

There isn’t much to the above information that directly relates to prepping, but understanding both the mindset of phony-baloney government wonks and crazed killers (historically often the same people) is important. You may not own or even want a bump-stock (problematic at this point since the price has doubled and demand has emptied the existing inventory). But rest assured while it’s bump stocks today, it will be “assault” rifles tomorrow, hand guns the next day, and the Second Amendment by and by.

We live in a world that increasingly denies God, history, and biology. Every liberal is looking for a consequence-free lifestyle. Those folks who still bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles are simply in the way. If you’re one of those rubes still “stuck” on faith, family, and individual liberty, then you’re a consequence that will have to be dealt with … by and by.

So get prepared.

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