On Oct. 14, I wrote an article entitled, “More Questions than Answers in Las Vegas.” Weeks later it appears nothing at all has changed.

We’re coming up on a month since the worst mass shooting in America, and as far as I know, we still are no closer to a finding a motive for what drove shooter Stephen Paddock to do what he did. To date there are still few answers but certainly no dearth of questions.

There have been new developments in the case, but the developments only lead to more questions.

Police revealed that they found a laptop in Paddock’s hotel room, but the killer had removed the hard drive. This, they say, may be the only clue to a motive.

The questions swirling around Paddock are baffling enough, but now the spotlight has shifted away from Paddock and onto Jesus Campos – the only eyewitness to the shooting – or at least as close as we’ll get to one.

Campos is, of course, the hero Mandalay Bay hotel security guard who was shot in the leg as he approached Paddock’s hotel room.

This, I think, would classify Campos as a material witness in this case.

Now, I’m not an attorney, but I’ve watched enough cop shows to know that authorities don’t allow witnesses to just leave town. We always hear something like: “OK, sir, you’re free to go – but don’t leave town. We may need to contact you.”

Yet Campos not only left town, but left the country, mere days after the shooting. The only way we know this is that he was reported to have crossed back into the U.S. from Mexico on Oct. 8, at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry in California.

And the only way we know even this is that an unnamed government source leaked a U.S. Customs and Border Protection form to Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

We don’t know why Campos went to Mexico, when he left the States, if he had permission to go, how long he was there, how he got into Mexico, what mode of transportation he used, who he saw, and where he crossed. We only know of his return – that he drove a rental car from San Ysidro to Las Vegas, some 344 miles. This begs another question.

How was Campos even able to travel just days after receiving a gunshot wound from a high-caliber weapon to his leg? And it may not have even been days, for we don’t know when he left the U.S. Was he already in Mexico when ABC News interviewed him on Oct. 4?

Upon his return on the 8th, hero Campos then vanishes again, minutes before a barrage of media interviews was to begin. Now we find out that MGM warned Campos about doing interviews – particularly with “hard interviewer” Sean Hannity, which was slated for Oct. 12. I’m sure it’s why he eventually went on the Ellen DeGeneres “easy-interview” show.

There appears to be nothing but questions revolving around this case and no answers of any kind, even as the shooter takes a back seat to the supposed hero. Seems a little backward if you ask me.

Agatha Christie couldn’t have done a better job scripting this mystery.

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