In addition to exposing the Washington swamp and the evil doings of the denizens therein, President Trump is exposing the evil in our media. I have called them part of America’s axis of evil (the other parts are the courtrooms, the classrooms and the cloakrooms).

In deference to the snowflakes and evil deniers, when I use “evil” I am talking about acts not persons. Only God can determine if a person is evil. God’s laws are a good guide to evil acts. For example, the Eighth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Detraction and calumny, evil acts, are the lifeblood of much of today’s media and condemned in the Eighth Commandment. We read in the Bible that: “Detractors … are hateful to God.”

Nothing is more important in a democratic republic than the military and the media; one keeps us secure, the other keeps us free. The military is recovering and doing its job, but the media does not tell us the truth about ourselves – which essential to our freedom. Hosea the prophet warned about a people “destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Trump is not attacking freedom of the press; he is attacking the deceit of an unquestionably dishonest press.

Examples of the media’s dishonesty are legion. Their modus operandi is to create a narrative, often a lie, and attach a trigger to it – for example, Trump collusion/Russia, white Republicans/racists. Russian collusion cannot be defined let alone proven, but millions will be spent on it.

In the media crusade to destroy racists icons, they ignore the mother of all racists icons: the Democratic Party. The Republican Party from Lincoln on down has been the savior of slaves. The Democrats are the father of the KKK, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the Civil War, etc., ad nauseam. This is a party that would kill a baby on its birth day and believes you can marry your cat.

Edmund Burke said: “Vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness.” The media rationalize evil and conceal grossness. They will show the grossest examples of sex and violence but no visuals on abortion. If the American people saw a documentary on partial-birth abortion in all its grossness, legalized abortion would end in this country. The tragedy is that everyday honest Americans cannot believe that they are lied to in the media and are greatly influenced by it. The media create a lack of knowledge, of truth, which, per Hosea, could destroy us.

But in addition to detraction and calumny, perhaps the ugliest characteristic of many in today’s media is their lack of compassion and love. I think many would agree that love is important in all we do in life – in our work, our relationships and families, and certainly the future of our country. St Thomas Aquinas defined love as simply wishing the best for those we love, and we are taught to love everyone, to never practice schadenfreude, to never take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Too many in the media live for schadenfreude. And so do many of our politicians who are cowed by the media. They have made liars of many politicians on the left whose lies the media defend. When we talk political impact on policy, we are really talking about media reaction, which is leftist and feared by media-phobic politicians who cower under it.

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote: “The rich are different from us.” The same is true about many in the media. Too many have never had a common experience and therefore have no common sense. Too many are anti-Christian and pro-communism. Faith is hokey. Christians founded this nation, and Christianity is the foundation of our Constitution. Communism killed many more innocents than Nazis whom they decry.

We know that many pundits are selected for their looks, even the size of their head; neither of which is related to intelligence. They often undertake to explain to the rest of us that which they themselves do not understand and prove what a serious case of the stupids many have. Every media person should be tested on the question: Is there such a thing as eternal and unchangeable truth, or good – and where does it comes from?

They have taken news, a four-letter word, and made it a C-letter word – chaos, conflict, cover-up, crime, casualties, copulation, confusion, conspiracy, corruption, catastrophe, combat, classified documents, etc. That is not who we are. As with Fitzgerald’s rich, media players are different from everyday Americans. For example, let’s look at two “journalists” the media look up to – icons Mike Wallace and Bob Woodward.

Woodward is much-admired for allegedly taking down a president, the goal of many in today’s media. I once spent a day with Woodward who has served in uniform. I put him in front of young officers who represented the future leadership of the military. After a nonsensical tale of military ethics (he saw an officer move his golf ball and mused about exposing him), he gave his phone number to the entire audience. He was asking the military’s future leaders to be traitors and saw nothing unethical about it. Leakers are cowards, most officers are not – but leakers are the life blood of scum like Woodward. President Reagan called this media icon a liar – I agree, but “liar” does not do him justice.

Mike Wallace once said that if he were a journalist with an enemy patrol covering the ambush of American soldiers, he would cover it as any other story, and even if he could safely do so, would not warn his country’s soldiers. Peter Jennings agreed. By the way, a Marine present at that exchange wondered if he should risk a troop to rescue a wounded journalist outside the wire. After all, he was only a journalist not an American. Of course he would rescue the journalist. Here we see the vast difference between those who people our two most important institutions, the military and the media, and how different many in the media are from the American people.

As a youth I was much-enamored by rodeo performers, especially the great Casey Tibbs who was born near my birthplace. He was our Babe Ruth. His counterpart was the magnificent bronc Midnight, reputed to have never been ridden. Midnight and Tibbs were not contemporaries, so Casey never had a shot at him. The media are like the great Midnight, so far never ridden. Media bucking power is enormous. They influenced the outcome of a war in Vietnam and took down a president.

Nixon mounted this beast and was thrown. Bush 43, a cowboy, never got on. “Midnight” actually kissed Obama’s butt. Trump is now Casey Tibbs, in the saddle, and we are watching the ride of all time. This battle may determine the future of our country. If Trump is thrown, it is pretty much over. If Trump breaks this animal and puts it to domestic work pulling the plow of goodness, truth and honesty, our future is bright.

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