The state of Michigan is getting ready to drop the hammer on an Iraq war vet who doesn’t like the idea of selling his home to a foreigner.

James Prater has made his requirement clear with a sign in front of his house in Mason that says “Terms No foreigners Iraq vet.”

It’s next to a “for sale by owner” sign.

Fox News reported Michigan is working on a civil rights complaint against him, because the state says he can’t discriminate like that in the sale of a house.

A complaint was filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, which contends federal as well as state law is being violated.

The state wants the sign taken down.

“When an ad like this goes unchallenged, it sends a message to the community that such ads are legal and accepted,” Agustin Arbulu, the state civil rights executive director, told Fox News.

“Not only may it encourage others to use similarly discriminatory language in advertising, the perception that a community accepts discrimination of this sort discourages potential purchasers from considering other properties in the area.”

Prater, a former Army sergeant who served two tours of Iraq in 2007 and 2008, told the Lansing State Journal there’s been no discrimination because he hasn’t received any offers.

While readers of the local paper argued the federal Fair Housing Act has an exemption for private sales of property by individuals, state officials insist the exemption doesn’t cover the advertising, such as a for-sale sign.

The Journal said the homeowner referred questions to a lawyer, who wasn’t available for comment.

Carol Viventi, another state civil rights department official, said the remedies could include “training and/or monetary penalties.”

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