Re: “It’s 1984 at Google”: Thanks, David Limbaugh, for calling out Google, an Orwellian gagger of free speech. From “Do No Evil” to “Do Evil,” Google’s become a thought-control behemoth that punishes diversity of thought and opinion.

Not only is Google thus mimicking Orwell’s “1984” but also the spirit of Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s PRC, Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Kims’ North Korea. Doesn’t Google know the historical result of strait-jacketed left-wing groupthink is always the same, i.e., a dead-end dictatorial death cult that kills, maims and murders millions? Or could it be that, as likely tools of the global deep state, they do know and care not?

Solution: Break up the Google behemoth through lawsuits and anti-trust, and cast it to the four winds.

Roger B.

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