Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

“The way the left behaves today – in virtually everything that they do – do you realize how close it is to radical Islam?” asked talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh on his Wednesday show.

Of course, Limbaugh graciously made one exception: “You know, minus the terrorism.”

He then presented a laundry list of similarities shared by both to make his point:

For the kind of Islamists we’re talking about, the Shariah Islamists, there is no authority but Islam.

To the left, there is no authority but themselves. They respect and recognize no other authority.

They don’t recognize the authority of elections.

They don’t recognize the authority of public opinion.

They don’t recognize the authority of the Constitution, even though they all swear an oath.

In America, Limbaugh explained, government officials are required to swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution because “that’s the glue that keeps everything together.”

“[T]hat is supposed to be the compact that unites all of us,” he said. “Winning or losing, we are united as Americans, defined by our Constitution. Swearing the oath announces the understandings based on which we become ‘We, the People.'”

But if America sees a massive movement that rejects and undermines the Constitution, that unity comes into serious question, he said.

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And once that group becomes a majority of the population, America loses its indivisibility as “We, the People.”

“This behavior is very, very close to Shariah Islam,” Limbaugh said. “There is no authority but Islam. It’s a core tenet: The ruler must be obeyed as long as he complies and enforces Shariah. And if the ruler abandons Shariah, they assassinate him, like in the case of [former Egyptian President] Anwar el-Sadat … Now, they don’t do assassinations here, but if the left’s leader abandons them, you know what happens to them. They’re immediately forgotten, destroyed, cast aside and ruined.”

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s comments beginning at the 21:00 mark:

According to Limbaugh’s analogy, Islamists assume the role of Democrats and Americans take the role of Republicans:

We proclaim that our commitment to tolerance means that we have to make room at the table even for Islamists and people we disagree with, notwithstanding that they deny our right to govern ourselves under our own principles. In other words, you’ve heard people say, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” That’s because, in a “We, the People” situation, we have to tolerate those who disagree with us. We have to tolerate those. We’re not supposed to cave in to them, but there is a mutual respect for authority.

Of course, Shariah Islam is never gonna accept the U.S. Constitution. The American left doesn’t, either, when it goes against them.

Maybe if you look at the Islamist analogy, it could be somewhat easier to understand the American left. It’s not that Islamists have no respect for authority. It’s that they believe there is no authority outside them. They clearly granted Obama all the authority in the world, and they were gonna grant Hillary all the authority in the world. But that’s within their system. But they’re never going to grant George W. Bush the authority. They’re never going to acknowledge the authority of Donald J. Trump. They’re never, ever going to do that.

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In fact, the left – meaning the Democratic Party and the mainstream media – believes there is no room for disagreement, he said. Any idea outside their own is considered “illegitimate.”

“There is no crossing the aisle. There is no compromise,” Limbaugh said. “There is no working together to prove Washington or government works. There is only one way.”

Leftist activist Michael Moore stands in front of Trump Tower in New York City holding a sign declaring, 'We are all Muslim' in December 2015 (Twitter/@MMFlint)

Leftist activist Michael Moore stands in front of Trump Tower in New York City holding a sign declaring, ‘We are all Muslim,’ in December 2015 (Twitter/@MMFlint)

When they’re in power, leftists claim it’s because their beliefs are a popular mandate. But when they lose elections, Limbaugh said, “Their beliefs dictate that everything else must be delegitimized, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing today.”

In fact, recent events involving alleged Trump-Russia collusion, Susan Rice’s “unmasking” scandal, leaks and investigations are all part of the left’s grand scheme.

Limbaugh then delivered his chilling conclusion:

It’s all about delegitimizing the duly elected, constitutionally legal president and Congress. It’s about delegitimizing that. It’s not about working with them. It’s not about them having a head case and not understanding yet that they lost. It’s not about that they’re gonna come to their senses down the road. It’s not that they’re emotionally unstable and are one day gonna realize they lost and they are gonna come back to the table. That’s not who they are anymore. This is not your dad’s Democrat Party.

That Democrat Party of the sixties and seventies? It’s gone. It has been radicalized, and it is like Shariah Islam. There is nothing else, and there’s no room for anything else. And if you aren’t with them, then you are never to be even acknowledged. You are to be delegitimized. You are to be destroyed. Pure and simple. There is no compromise. There is no bipartisanship. There is always a pretense that they represent the popular mandate, when they very rarely really do.

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