Talk-radio host Michael Savage is among the public figures who were under surveillance by the National Security Agency as part of its “Project Dragnet,” according to a database revealed by an agency whistleblower.

Jerome Corsi, an investigative reporter for Infowars.com, told Savage on “The Savage Nation” radio show Monday that one of Savage’s email addresses was discovered in the database.

Infowars.com said the database has evidence of spying on U.S. citizens from 2004 to 2010, but Corsi told Savage there is no indication the surveillance has stopped.

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

It shows Donald J. Trump and Infowars founder Alex Jones also were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years.

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Infowars.com obtained sections of the database from Michael Zullo, formerly the chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse, a special investigative unit in the office of Joseph Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Project Dragnet was first revealed by news reports in 2005 and further documented by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.

Corsi told Savage he discovered the database included some 50 entries for Donald Trump and his businesses and family members.

“They were all over Donald Trump starting in 2004, when the database starts,” he said.

Corsi said, regarding Savage, that he found two “solid hits” in the database in 2004 and 2005, which was during the time of the George W. Bush administration.

“Anybody who was prominent at that point, the NSA was going after to collect data. And it was not necessarily at the direction of George W. Bush. They were doing it on their own initiative,” Corsi told Savage.

Last Tuesday, as WND reported, the day of the launch of his new book, “Trump’s War: His Battle for America,” Savage was violently attacked at a San Francisco-area restaurant by a man who appeared to have been politically motivated.

In his interview with Corsi Monday, Savage noted that, legally, Americans cannot be spied upon without a judge’s order from a FISA court.

“That’s the way it’s supposed to be,” Corsi affirmed. “But these millions of entries, it’s impossible for me to believe they went to get FISA rulings on any of these.”

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Corsi said Arpaio and Zullo have identified dozens of entries in the database at various Trump addresses, including Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Most of the political figures, Corsi said, had no idea they were under surveillance.

He said that while he has information that the operation began, he has found no indication that it has stopped.

Savage said he must assume that his emails were being monitored.

Corsi added: “And they go after your bank accounts, your credit cards … your tax returns.

“They assembled a comprehensive file on you, and I’m confident that file remains intact,” Corsi said.

Why would the government do this? Savage asked.

“Well, just to have it available. Just in case they decided that they were going to, in any way, go after you or blackmail you, or just create a profile.”

Corsi said a full congressional investigation is necessary, calling it “an enormous, flagrant violation of your rights and everyone in that database, which are millions of Americans.”

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